Thoughts on Being a Mother

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Chuck sir, and all who have ever BEEN or HAD a mother,

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, I thought I would exercise the privilege of posting to this most appreciated site, and tell the world why I’m proud to be a mother.

My daughter Mayme was born under the worst of possible circumstances, in fact in the last few minutes of my consciousness, my only recollection of the world around me was of the doctor saying they had lost Mayme’s heartbeat, and to "give me a knife, give me a knife". This is NOT the way it’s written in Hallmark cards!

Despite the difficulty Mayme had getting into this world, it has not dampened her vitality, or love of life. Instead, I think her fighting spirit formed during those very first minutes of life, and has stayed with her throughout her 14 years. I’m not going to tell you she works 24/7 for the Cause, or even that the Cause is her #1 priority. She’s a typical 14 year old, who listens to music her daddy and I consider junk, values her friends’ opinions over her parents’, keeps a very messy room, and spends too much time on the computer. But on the flip-side, where music is concerned there’s hardly an instrument she hasn’t mastered (except that little fiddle B sent her), she IS learning that Mom and Daddy aren’t ALWAYS wrong, sometimes she can actually find something in her room, and when she’s on the computer, she’s visiting friends, strengthening friendships, and once actually talked a friend in Ireland out of a second suicide attempt.

I am proud of my daughter because she had a kind heart toward the less fortunate, she loves her parents, sisters, family and friends, and if she’s passionate about something, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She knows the truth about the South and its history, and has stood up to her teachers when they’ve misquoted history and slanted it in favor of the north. She understands that the Battle Flag (or any Southron flag) is NOT a racist symbol. She knows (and has recently voiced her opinion on this issue) that to those in the Cause, the flags are a symbol of bravery, sacrifice and dedication……….to the Cause, not to hate. Mayme has learned her Southern history, and has been told by many of their opinion and feelings toward the flags, but believe me, she has formed her own opinion and proudly voices and defends it whenever she can.

I am proud to be the mother of such a wonderful daughter, and I’m proud to share her with the Southron Cause. She has a lot to give, a lot to say, and I’m sure you haven’t heard the last of her yet.

To all the mothers on this list, I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day. I’m sure you’re all just as proud of your children as I am of my daughter. We have to keep our young people aware of the pc crowd who would steal our flags, our symbols and our monuments………..for when we’re old and worn out, they will be the ones to carry on the fight. Our young people have the opportunity to influence their peers, to teach them the truth, so that perhaps we can look forward to a new generation of enlightened, educated to the truth, and tolerant adults who can see beyond their pc noses. Our youth are our most important tool in the fight for the Southern Cause. They must not be ignored, overlooked or underestimated. Our children look to us for guidance…….let’s also give them our encouragement and our knowledge.

Warmest Regards,

Pamela Warren, Behind Enemy Lines