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Part of the nature of being reconstructed is that you do not know you are reconstructed. This was the nature of Chinese Totalism and it is nature in the USA today. Most self-conscious Southerner’s believe they are unaffected. Most have good inclinations, but tend to fall into several popular traps. One has to be with military service. Here are two short essays that I hope will us think about our future in a clearer light.
Dear SHNV Friends,
Essay one:
A MOST UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH ~ Travis Fox has written a post that sounds both very disturbing and most insulting, at first. He says, ‎ “‘The only class of citizens that has not demonstrated a willingness to subvert the Constitution & the laws for their own gain are the people who were willing to sacrifice their blood for Republic (quoting someone else).’ (Then he responds) The soldiery? This is a patent falsehood. If they were so gung-ho about defending the Constitution, this government of ours wouldn’t have us in the predicament we now face – and have for over 150 years. The soldiery does whatever their government tells them, Constitution be damned." Less take a closer look at the fault he is addressing.
Travis has written an unusually insightful statement that at first reading sounds EXTREMELY insulting toward our children and youth “serving” in the military that are sincerely ready to lay down their lives at the orders OF THE CIVILIANS in the U.S. government who give orders to the military believing they are "defending" their home, hearth and their family. It does not occur to most people that soldiers are not old enough when they enter military service and not experienced enough to see through the fog of the complex matrix of yankee propaganda.
Then we add insult to the injury of our troops/youth when we sent them against smaller nations who are entirely NOT our military equal, and civilian populations have no real military defending them. Then these relatively defenceless populations resist through any self-sacrificing and primitive means they can contrive. Then when our military personnel respond violently against a civilian people who cut off heads, or capture a U.S. soldier we give our troops center press while we ignore the civilians in government who have ordered these invasions of countries that have not invaded the USA and are no immediate threat to the USA, and all the while we whine and self-righteously pontificate about the lack of human rights for the women in the country.
All of this serves as a distraction from the absurd invasions and civilian use of our military ordered by our elected president. If this situation were not such a moral absurdity we would be sitting in our homes reading about it, shaking our heads, and wondering how a modern nation every surrendered its government to twisted and corrupt idiots that have stationed our military in 135 FOREIGN nations and 40 other independent islands and territories. If the USA were not so dangerous we would simply be seen as an absurdity on stilts.
For our youth they are caught in this trap by no fault of their own. It is the fault of the older generation, MY GENERATION, that they were indoctrinated by a government that is not required to serve us within the limits of constitutional requirements and boundaries. And we are proud of pogroms like "Head Start", kindergarten, and pre-school that begins this indoctrination before our children are 6, yes 6!!!, years old. And then some are critical of how they act when they volunteer for the U.S. military forces.
We have become the abusive country that we have demanded and or permitted. By the time we are old enough and know enough to have figured out the trap we are heavily invested in various aspects of government, professions and political parties and systems that perpetuate the systems that enslave us. When we vote for candidates of the two major parties we are but licking the boots of those who willingly enslave us, and who in most cases, have not had for themselves the native intelligence, knowledge or the moral fiber to figure out why things are like they are.
Throughout known Biblical history when a nations or city’s cup of iniquity is full God permits a painful judgment to be visited on the entire nation and not just on its unjust government, and this is as it should be. We elect our government personnel and are accountable for what they do. We must begin to actually hold them accountable. States no longer control the federal government, serve a check on the federal abuse of power and authority or make even the faintest effort to correct the vast amounts of the abuse of political power. This is an open invitation to destruction.

Essay 2:
WRITING FOR SOUTHERNER’S vs NORTHERNERS & OTHERS ~ Southerners, especially in the past, wrote differently when addressing their own people. Southerner’s traditionally do not wear their Christianity on their sleeves (that means to talk about it a lot . . . they just lived it) and amoung most Southerners it "goes without saying" that the basis of western culture and civilization itself has as its foundation their Christian faith, beliefs and practices AND very importantly the traditional institutions that have preserved that faith and culture.
The great North Carolina agrarian Richard M. Weaver said that culture is simply a manifestation of one’s religion. Atheists (secularists) never understand what Southerner’s mean when Southerner’s comment that northern secular populations have no culture. In the place of culture they have substituted "politics" and the god of "statism", meaning the government. Southerner’s have little need of government, because they have God and the devout culture that God brings to our lives. Sex before marriage is still fornication and just living together outside of marriage is still being "shacked-up."
Traditional Southerners who write about their culture begin with a set of unstated presuppositions that are rarely spelled out and generally only explained when writing for a non-Southern readership. This is part of why northerners often do not understand Southerner’s in their rhetoric, dialogue or written discourse. AND rarely do Southerner’s take the time to write for a northern and western readership anyway.
The South traditionally does not care about making the rest of the country think like they do and they never wake up in the morning with a social burden to change how people living in Oregon or Vermont ought to be living. They just want to be good folks in their own communities and do not think and write with global aspirations in mind. This just drives my daughter who went to school in California and then Yale just nuts.
And this is not some yankee form of altruism. Southerner’s generally do not contract themselves out to write bestsellers for Doubleday or Random House. If they write stories generally it is for the love of the story or to pass down some humourous event or favourite tale to their children and grandchildren.
My family usually has done this with a tape recorder so that our grandchildren could hear the great stories that Grandma and my (Great) Aunt May used to tell us, and we never get tired of hearing their unique expressions used as they tell such stories. We rarely consider turning on a TV when cousins are available to tell their latest adventures. The stories we tell are actually wildly true, strange as some of these stories may be, and they are as much fun to tell as they are to hear.
When writing or telling a story to a Southerner you do not have to explain much of anything, because you share a common experience and understanding. When I told the same stories to folks in Ohio and Michigan that wanted me to explain all kinds of things or just thought I was nuts. It was as though we were from different countries and maybe different planets.
Conversely, no insult meant, but Southerner’s don’t give a yankee d _ _ _ how you did something up north in running a business and they would be very happy for foreign folks to just leave them alone, and they certainly do not care what strangers think about them.  For those who did not quite understand this last statement you might like to note that for decades in this country a "foreigner" was a person from another State, and a "stranger" was a person from another country.
So if my writing raises more questions for you than it answers it means that you might not understand it if I did take the time to explain what "I meant" and that just might mean that you are not a "tar heal" or a "sore back." You just might be a foreigner or a stranger.

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