Not only liars but accomplices in murder: an open letter to the Oskaloosa NAACP

Your NAACP leaders are not only feeding you lies and propaganda for profit, but they are willing accomplices in murder. The facts are there for anyone to find with 10 minutes of honest effort on the Internet, but then I can’t imagine anyone in your organization with enough humanity and sense of fair play to actually care.

And it doesn’t make a bit of difference to you, does it, that the people who are being murdered are black. That they are the Africans with whom you pretend such a close tie. You and your organization would never let a few million lives get between you and your 300% growth in profit in the last 4 years.

But people are slowly beginning to learn the truth. They are learning that the NAACP has been and continues to use its threat of boycott to keep all news of the more than 2 million black slaves in Mauritania and the Sudan out of the media. They are learning that the NAACP is responsible for making sure most Americans know nothing of the millions of black Chistians being crucified – yes that’s right – Crucified on crosses and dying in slow, days-long agony in northern Africa. No, you have to ignore these unfortunate black Christians. You have to keep any mention of their fight for their lives away from all Americans. Why? One reason out of many is that they are rallying around around the flag that to the rest of the world symbolizes the fight against tyranny, oppression, and propaganda: The Confederate Battle Flag.

Take a look at if you dare. But then you probably don’t care a bit do you.

I bet it doesn’t concern you even the slightest that right now a black Holocaust is in progress all across the entire African continent, that no one is even bothering to count the bodies. Yes I’ve read Keith D. Richburg’s book, Out of America – A Black Man Confronts Africa. And I also know you won’t read it. No, you’ll be too busy being outraged because I had the audacity to tell you about this Holocaust.

Keith Richburg makes it clear that your NAACP leaders have met with the ruling dictators in the African countries where the killing is going on. And that they have come back and willingly participated in the coverup, swearing that there are no problems there at all… that the bloated bodies, some disembowelled babies, floating past the Rusumo Falls bridge in Tanzania don’t really exist. That the killing in Mogadishu is a fabrication. That the piles of rotting black bodies in Rwanda aren’t really there. That the AIDS epidemic that has killed all but the children and elderly in so many villages really isn’t all that bad. That the insane war in Liberia, where soldiers get high on dope and dress in drag before going out for the day’s killing is someone’s idea of a sick joke. And that’s why they, and you, are accomplices in the torture and murder of untold millions of blacks that’s going on right now. Because without your willing participation in the coverup of this atrocity, without your sleight of hand trying to shift attention to your oppression of all things Confederate, these murders could not continue.

But the more you try to destroy our Confederate culture, the more you try to cover up the truth with your evil lies, the more people join us and the more they learn the truth – not only of our past but your current atrocities. And one day the world will know of your involvement. President George W. Bush mentioned the African atrocities briefly in his State of the Union Address. It’s only a short time now till the rest of the world knows.

It’s already happening. Already one black man, Mr. H. K. Edgerton, has marched on foot carrying the Confederate battle flag, often alone, from North Carolina to Texas. Your leadership used its influence and blackmail to keep his march out of the news media but you’d be surprised how many people now know of his commitment and bravery. Another brave and honorable black man, Dr. Walter Williams, frequent fill-in for Rush Limbaugh, is one of us and is getting the truth out. Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of B.O.N.D, has had amazing success in helping blacks get out of the ghettos, out of the victim mentality and into the mainstream job market, successful, productive, and happy. And your leadership continually tries to destroy him for his success.

We’ve got your number now. And we’re going to make sure people know what you’re doing. We know you represent poverty-stricken, angry, disenfranchised blacks. We know on the surface that sounds like an honorable thing to do. But we also know the ugly truth about your representation. That you have to keep these people in poverty, keep them angry, keep them ineffective without you, or you lose your golden goose. And that’s why you carry your attacks into the very Southern states, you target the specific counties where blacks are the most successful, and ignore the pitiful plight of blacks trapped in the New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles ghettos. You’ve got the trapped ones captive, and very few of them escape your trap; you don’t have to worry about them. But the successful, conservative blacks, in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, are of no use to you unless you can take away their success. And every day more of them join us. They know the most important thing about themselves and their heritage is that they are Southern!

The lines are being drawn. Take notice. We will no longer allow you to turn Southerner against Southerner without a fight.

Steve Kimball
Columbia, SC