A little farther South
From: torpenhow@charter.net
Our former SC compatriot, the economist and financial advisor Dr. John Cobin, lives in Chile now but has toured all of South America. Here is his page of beautiful pictures and information on Brazil’s "Confederados". I’ve researched and commented on them but wasn’t aware of Santa Barbara D’Oeste.
I’m still hoping to move to South America myself, and avidly in search of info on life down there and the expat process. Anybody have such knowledge to share with me directly? I don’t want to leave but….. well…. it’s looking an awful lot like the 1860s here these days with the almighty, self-deified fedgov coming after everybody’s money, soul, rights and throat.
Please remember also that we’re having a flag rally in downtown Greenville, SC (parking lot next to federal building, S. Church St. at E. Washington St.) the last Saturday of this month at 2 PM. Our purpose is to renew calls for a Mississippi-like public vote on getting the flag back up on the dome, and to expose the fresh lies circulated in its regard by the ACC. It’s going to be great!