From: Erica Griffith

Thank you so much for includng the diverse confederate section in your merchandise. I already wear dixie outfitters on a regular basis but will be glad to add this to my collection. I am a black woman from a small town in North Carolina and I often get asked why I would wear a shirt like that. My response is always that I am proud to be from the south. Thank you for reminding me and everyone else why I love the south so much. We are friendly hospitable people who accept each other in spite of differences and I think you website does a great job of showing that. The educational information is great. I will be telling my friends about it.

From: Dewey Barber <>
Date: July 10, 2006 10:02:52 AM EDT
Subject: Thanks

Dear Erica,

My experience living in the South all my life is that the black and white races have worked together, played together and respected and cared for each other. True history has shown me that it was virtually the same even during the time of the War for Southern Independence.

Millions of blacks remained in the South and took care of their white families while the soldiers were off to war. They could have left but they did not. Many blacks voluntarily fought on the front lines for the Confederacy.

The truth is that the majority of black folks living today had ancestors who supported the South during the war in one way or another.

Blacks and whites together have a legacy of supporting the South. We need to understand this fact. We need to recognize and appreciate the roles and contributions that each race made to protect the South from the invasion of the Yankees.

I admire you for your willingness to stand up for what you know and believe. It is not always the easiest road to take. I hope you will continue to learn the real truth of this epic struggle to preserve the vision of our country as espoused by the founding fathers and you will continue to educate others regarding the real truth of our shared history.

Thanks for your email and your support of Dixie Outfitters.

Best Regards,
Dewey Barber
Owner, Dixie Outfitters

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