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Date: Thu, Apr 12, 2012
Subject: Book: HK Edgerton: An Honorable Heritage Personably Worth Fighting For & his March across Dixie
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HK Edgerton posses a moral compass not commonly found today. He stands tall on history and has a mission to defend the South, it’s symbols, it’s complexities and it’s Veterans, especially those who stories that history has chosen to ignore.
His story, as his mission, is not politically correct but is told with conviction.  As such, it’s often deliberately ignored by the main stream media while it’s absorbed and appreciated by the common Southerner.
With all the distortions, lies and race hustling for influence & $$$, HK’s endeavors are pure, driven by a passion for the truth of history rather than any self serving purpose.


Please take a moment to review & consider forwarding his message to a larger audience as Mr. Edgerton’s honorable convictions are severely lacking in today’s society.
Capt. Phil Walters
Judah P. Benjamin camp #2210, SCV
Tampa, Fl.
"The people, culture, history and story of the South is a beautiful, wonderful, intriguing, contradictory, complex artwork that simple minds insist on interpreting as a stick figure"

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Hi H.K.- Please see below.  This is the e-mail that we would like sent to the general public. 


Good Day-

This is Terry Lee Edgerton,  I am the brother of H.K. Edgerton who is an African American Confederate Activist who works tirelessly to bring truth and awareness about the war of the states and to remove the negative the stigma that surrounds the Confederate Flag.  H.K. and I are both honorary members of the SCV.

As you may recall, in 2002 H.K. and I set off to bring attention to the wrongful removal of the confederate plaques from the GSA Building in Austin Texas. This endeavor is now known as "The March Across Dixie".  We covered 7 states and 66 cities in this endeavor.  I chronicled this journey with a journal and photographs. I have recently finished the book "The Historical March Across Dixie 2002-2003" (Copywriter 2011).  This Pictorial Journal book contains hundreds of photos of the people we met along the way and events that took place during the March. The book debuted in Knoxville, Tennessee on January 28, 2012 and was received very well by the public.

This is not your average text book, it is a showpiece (coffee table book) and will stir conversation among anyone who has the opportunity to view it.  It is not being offered in stores and is being printed in limited supply.  This is a 124 page, (11×11) full color hard copy book.  

We are sending you this special invitation to purchase this book for $50.00 plus $6.95 Shipping.  If ordering more than 2 books, the shipping price will increase and we will let you know the shipping charge in advance of payment. Please email me directly at tle4759@yahoo.com if you have questions. 

Please send your payment to:

Terry Lee Edgerton
26 Courtland Ave.
Asheville, North Carolina  28801
HK Edgerton’s website:

Google Pictures of HK: