A Fourth Civil War or a Second American Revolution?

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Mr. Richard Stewart for setting the record straight on his lecture “Peabody Warriors of the Third Civil War 1960s and beyond,” as instilling white guilt and black hatred.

If all concerned felt like Mr. Stewart, we wouldn’t have all the problems today concerning race relations. I would like to thank Mr. Johnson of Kenenesaw, Ga., for his article on Jefferson Davis and Joan G. Bice of Petersburg for her moving article on Southern Heritage and Culture.

I wish some members of Southern organizations that I have been associated with had the courage and backbone to speak out like she has.

As a long-time participant in the on-going struggle to defend the good name and historic memory of the Southern people, the crusade to vilify and to destroy the historic memory of millions of Southerners and their symbols began in 1991 when a black organization at their national convention had the audacity to issue a proclamation in which they presumed to dicate to the rest of humanity how we, the Southern people with our own unique history and heritage, are to be remembered and characterized.

Calling the Confederate Battle Flag “An Odious Blight Upon the Universe,” they systematically began an attack upon all things distinctly Southern, and most especially Confederate, which continues to this very day.

I wonder what this does to promote “brotherhood and sisterhood” among the races. President Jimmy Carter called the Confederate Battle Flag a “National Icon” and Sen. Jim Webb ,D-Va., speaks highly of our Confederate ancestors.

Mr. Stewart you speak of a Fourth Civil War and that it may have already started, I think it has, as some folks are calling it the “Second American Revolution” as Congressman Ron Pauls’ volunteers submitted the most signatures for the Virginia Feb.12 primaries, more than any of the other presidential candidates.

If you want the Constitution back in Washington, D.C., and return America to “We The People” then Ron Paul is your man, instead of the failed policies of the past.

Bob Kline
Colonial Heights