Confederates, still a force to be reckoned with –

Commentary by Billy Bearden

Well, finally the election season is over. While I won’t go into an entire dissertation on the who’s and why’s and other pointless stuff like that, I would like to put as positive a spin as I can on what has just happened in this election, in regards to Southern Heritage.

We all should well remember those dark days of January 2001, when then Governor Barnes stole our beautiful 1956 State Flag. The total destruction of the Georgia Democratic Party began that week, and on Tuesday November 7th, 2006, the fallout continued. Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor – the most visible of the flag changers remaining in power, lost.

To date, 24 members of the 53 that made up the Flagger’s "Deck Of Shame" cards are gone from public office, and well more than two thirds of the original Barnes regime are out.

Across the Southland, other Anti-Southern politicians have been given walking papers, too. The biggest surprise was Virginia Senator George Allen, who while running for reelection used what was perceived as a racial slur. In a blatant attempt to cozy up to the minority vote, he began trashing the Confederate Flag. The Virginia Division SCV held a press conference disowning him (he has a cameo in Gods and Generals, and signed Confederate Heritage & History Month Proclamations as Virginia Governor). Had he kept the Southern vote, he would still be in power.

Senator Jim Talent of Missouri had shown no talent for appreciating Southern Heritage, joining Missouri Gov. Holden and Missouri Rep. Gephardt in calling for the Confederate Battleflag’s removal from two Missouri Confederate Cemeteries. With his statement, "I think it’s appropriate to take them down. The flag is intertwined in people’s minds with what was the greatest injustice in the history of our country and they should come down," EX-Senator Talent has also joined Holden and Gephardt in the political unemployment line.

Up in Tennessee, Harold Ford, Jr. lost to Bob Corker in a Senate race there. Mr. Ford is black, and while that in and of itself is not a bad thing, Congressman Ford had issued a press release Tuesday, August 1, 2000, calling for a public press conference with then Vice President Al Gore to denounce General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his career as a Confederate cavalry leader and later a reputed member of the Ku Klux Klan. I doubt any future press conferences will be held by the Ford camp.

Turning these PC anti-Southern politicians out of office is no easy task. They will not go away, and are ever present. Vigilance and taking an active stance is the key to defending our rights and our ancestors’ memories. There are currently a large number of these types in office in Georgia, who have stood in the way of Rep. Tim Bearden’s Fair Flag Vote (HB15), and they deserve our full attention as well.

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