A Cry For Help

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011, Kayla Hodges (kknichole07@hotmail.com) wrote:

My name is Kayla Hodges I am a freshman at East High. I wanted to tell you that I am upset because my schol does not let us wear confederate flag t-shirts it does say that we are not aloud to wear it but either way it is against our admendment and it is wrong. So I was wondering if I can get your help to let them let us wear our confederate flag t-shirts. I really like to show it and they wont let me.

-Kayla Hodges.




Dear Ms. Kayla,

I shall forward your email to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander, the Honorable Ron Jones in Knoxville, and others who might help you in this matter. And I shall do what I can. I am currently on a ten day speaking tour in Texas, and can’t give your request my full attention. However, do not despair, I hear you. God bless you. And make sure that your parents know that you contacted me.

Your brother,




Young Kayla Hodges email message to me is indicative of the kinds of mail I receive daily from my babies all across America, both North and South of the Mason Dixon line. These babies are Red, Yellow, Black, and White, and ironically some are Northern born who just love the beauty of the Southern Cross. However, just as it was during the 12 year period of so called Reconstruction (1865 – 1877) in the South, the victor has began anew his agenda of social and cultural genocide as he vies for Southern territories and a comfortable feeling in that occupation like his ancestors who came into the South raping, burning, stealing, and murdering innocent noncombatives; just plain citizens. His modus operandi has not changed; just like the war criminal Lincoln, his weapon of choice to gain national and international sympathies, has been the Black man.

Unfortunately for young Kayla and her peers is that the public school system that she attends was established in 1865, and equipped with Northern school teachers sent South with an agenda to not only divide and separate Black and White folks, but also to assign to the North a sense of virtuosity (see the Emancipation Proclamation) while covering up crimes against Southern Humanity that has no parallel in the history of mankind. It is equally unfortunate that an organization (the NAACP) with so many bright and educated Black folks would depend on the one sided revisionist history championed by protagonist from the North to complete this unholy agenda. And I might add that on the day that most Americans celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, this organization took itself deeper into the abyss of depravity as it defaced the monument of the man deemed the father of this nation; the Honorable President George Washington.

If we as humans on God’s earth are determined to assign to the economic institution of slavery a negative connotation, then we must view and stop it and those who in the 21st century continue to practice this illicit trade that we worldwide are complicit in, just as the whole of the so called civilized world was complicit in before, during and after the War Between the States. And not just lay it on the steps of the Southland of America and the only man, Red, Yellow, Black, or White who ever truly loved and cared for the well being of the African people; "the White man of the South". Or to diminish the cause for what the South fought for as their homeland was invaded by a man he called brother who sought to destroy the Constitutional Confederate Republic because of greed that together they established.

What can I tell this baby who cries out for help like so many of her peers during the year that we recognize the Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States? Should I tell the multitudes of my Southern babies to accept this American wrong and to throw the towel in along with the symbol of the Southern people, and the memories of the brave men, women and children, freed or indentured who fought against a man who would bankrupt not only our region of this nation, but who has come again to finish off that what he could and never will destroy; the love that we bear in our hearts for those who made a stand in Dixieland and the Flag in which they carried and will always be the symbol that identifies us as "Southern".




From: Deborah Reagan (tarascarlet1@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri, Jan 21, 2011
Subject: A Cry For help
To: hk.edgerton@gmail.com

Brother H.K.,

Please rest assured that I also will pass this information to our UDC Sisters tomorrow evening at our LEE-JACKSON Dinner here in Knoxville! Of course we will miss you, but we know our Brothers and Sisters in Texas need you also !

GODSPEED to you and Terry Lee on your journeys 😀

Deborah Elizabeth Gardner
UDC CHAPTER 2624, Knoxville, Tenn