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We need to turn loose all the e-mail tigers we can muster on this newspaper especially as concerns the remark:

"Former commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans whom civil rights groups have labeled an extremist with ties to racist organizations."

Writing points:

Demand from this Newspaper to identify the civil Rights groups they are quoting and where these statements may be found.

Demand the newspaper Identify what racist organizations their Newspaper is reported that these anonymous Civil Rights groups are reporting Mr. Wilson is allegedly tied to.

Are they publicly stating that the SCV is an extreme and racist organization?

Just throwing something out like this may indicate Mr. Wilson has been slandered/libeled but not identifying who these people are or what they said, and what proof they have for making such accusations.

This is trial and conviction by subterfuge in a public newspaper.


Darryl Starnes
Chief, Heritage Defense
Sons of Confederate Veterans

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