Compatriots across the Southland! A Call To Action!
The vilest misuse of our Confederate Southern Cross has come to my attention and I would like all honorable defenders of our Confederate historical heritage to be made aware of it!
The story in question was reported by the Commander of the SCV Europe Camp #1612 and reported here on this site thanks to the diligence of several compatriots including one Valerie Protopapas last Friday on this site. It was brought to our attention then that in Europe several factions of white supremacist garbage who claim their allegiance with the anti-Liberty ideology known as National Socialism, or Fascism have begun misappropriating our hallowed Southern Cross as a symbol of their own misguided, anti-Christian, anti-Liberty ideology in several countries in Europe.
It was not that long ago that the Confederate flag flew honorably among the flags of a United Germany when the Berlin Wall came down. It is to this day honored by the Scottish People who fly it along side the very St. Andrew’s Cross that our own Southern Cross was adopted from by William P. Miles and P.G.T. Beauregard in late 1861. It flies in Ireland among those who seek the reunification of the Emerald Isle through honorable means. More importantly, it flies over the graves of Confederate sailors and heroes buried on foreign soil, either in exile from their beloved Southland, or from honorable death such as the men who went down with the CSS Alabama in 1864, or Heroes Von Borche, the Prussian who served with Jeb Stuart.
To make matters worse, the leftist media in those countries have begun renouncing the Southern Cross because of this association the same as the drive-by leftist media do here in our Southland and all across America.
That American leftists and white supremacist scum here misappropriate our Southern Cross is disgraceful enough, but to allow the same sort of racist garbage to further soil the flag stained with the blood of our ancestors and honored with their heroic deeds cannot be tolerated by any moral Southern man or woman, nor allowed to go unchallenged!
To even compare our beloved Southern Cross to symbols of the Aryan White Power Movement, or ANY Neo-Nazi belief is not only ludicrous, but a complete and utter insult to the memories of our ancestors and to the Southern people living today.
Our Confederate forefathers fought to free themselves of strong centralized government, unfair taxation and to honor the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution calling for all powers not given to the federal government to be handed over to the several states. They fought for Liberty and Self-Determination, for the purest ideals of a Constitutional Republic. They fought for a nation that honored God and the right granted to people by Him: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
National Socialism (Aryan Nazism) on the other hand stands for the exact opposite of those things. It stands for a tyrannical and intrusive central government that is ruled by a single political Party led by a single Leader whose powers were absolute and who was practically worshiped like a god! Whose insane ideology took away the very rights God game man and sought the extermination of God’s Chosen People!
Our very ancestors would be disgusted by the idea of such unworthy and disgraceful excuses of humanity waving their battle standard in defiance of the very beliefs for which they fought.
Would Stonewall Jackson, who believed in the Lord and who’s devotion of God’s word dictated his life and his ways like seeing people like these holding the flag so many sacrificed their lives under?
Would Jefferson Davis, who believed in the rights of the individual states and championed them until the end of his days love seeing a skinhead parading around calling for the advancement of tyrannical ideology?
What would Robert E. Lee, who surrendered his sword at Appomattox at the end of 4 years of audios struggle to spare his men from becoming fugitives and tarnishing the good deeds of those who lost their lives, do if he saw such creatures claiming the Southern Cross as their own?
They would fight with all they had in their bodies and souls against such a disgrace.
Can we, the descendants of those brave men in the hallowed gray do any less?
What we can do is express our outrage and challenge these people directly, and the best part of it is we can do it right here online and it won’t take more than a few minutes of time to do it.
The following links listed below are links to two U-Tube videos showing the misuse of the Southern Cross by Serbian Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan groups in Europe. Take the time to look at these videos (if you can stomach watching the disgusting denigration of our banner) and then write a review of them denouncing this outrageous insult to the South and its people.
Now I know that writing a few words probably won’t do anything to stop the enemies of our heritage from continuing to wave our flag, but I believe that enough people writing in to condemn them will at the very least show that honorable Southerners and Americans will no longer tolerate those ON EITHER THE FAR LEFT OR THE FAR RIGHT to define the Southern Cross our ancestors suffered and struggled under on a thousand battlefields.
We, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Daughters of the Confederacy, The League of the South and other honorable Southerners who have Confederates in our background, and who honor with our own lives the virtues of Liberty and Honor that they fought for will no longer tolerate those who disgrace our heritage to justify their meaningless existence. Let us put the Klan and the Skinheads on warning that we are watching them and their days of credibility with our flag are at an end.
Deo Vindice!
Carl W. Roden (Sons of Confederate Veterans)
South Carolina, USA/CSA
Here are the links. Lets give them a piece of our minds!