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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Southerners please stand up and not be ashamed
Lee Shelton recently wrote on his States Rights Review blog about how the true history of the war is hidden by the revisionists and how Southerners need to stand up for their heritage and not be ashamed. I agree with him. I am a Northerner and I have always lived in the North. More Southerners, white and black, need to speak up for their Southern heritage and stop worrying about someone calling them a racist or Uncle Tom. People must hear the truth whether they like it or not. Our country must remember the Southern Cause because our country is leading to tyranny.
posted by Black Confederate at 10:10 PM

greasy joan said…
Oh, you are so correct! Unfortunately even hinting about the truth about Lincoln is likely to get you tarred and feathered in most places.

11:07 PM
Evan said…
I’m glad to read from you again, David.

How ironic that most of the stories mentioned in the article occurred while the "Party of Lincoln" has controlled the federal government the past 4+ years.

11:48 PM
Black Confederate said…
Thanks Evan and greasy joan,

I’m remodeling my house so its been taking up a lot of my time after I come home from work.

The truth is the "Party of Lincoln" has never been the party of limited government or states’ rights. Today they are the ones that are eroding our rights while saying they stand up for freedom and "democracy".

6:52 AM
Dominion Family said…
Dear Black Confederate,

Our family did wear the stars and bars around and stand up for our Southern heritage even though not one of us was a racist. But here in Alabama people just assumed we were racist. Finally we met a black family that explained how offended they were by the stars and bars and what it meant to them. While we had never equated it to racism apparently to many other people it was. We stopped wearing our tshirts and hats and bumber stickers in order to not give others the wrong idea.

I am wondering how we can take our stand without seeming racist.

Any ideas?

7:18 PM
Anonymous said…
Hi again David!

I have an Idea and some thoughts for the dominion family.

Many Confederates would say that you should continue to boldly show your flag lest you allow the liberals to attempt to re-define your flags meaning.

Heres an example: Some white supremacist organizations often fly the US flag but that doesnt mean that now everyone who flys a US flag also believes what those organizations believe.

If you saw a white supremacist waving a US flag, would that make you think US Flag = White supremacism? No. Would that make other people get rid of their US flags for fear of being associated with the racist who was waving the US flag? No.

Dont allow other groups try to co-opt what a flag means to you.

Perhaps the black family you spoke with had learned said perspective from the Public Education System and were taught that Stars and Bars = racism and slavery which just isnt true.

The PC crowd loves to shove people in the closet. Politically Correct zealots are some of the most intolerant people I know. Dont be cowed into doing what they want. Some people attribute bad things to the Stars and Bars because of ignorance. (They just dont know about History or have been taught erroneous things) Ultimately its your decision of wether or not to continue displaying the stars and bars. It takes guts sometimes. It might seem like everyone thinks youre ‘the bad guy’ but you have to remember there are a lot of ignorant people out there. They are products of the socialist factories called Public Schools. They have been brainwashed to reflexively hate and fear what they are unfamiliar with or that which is contrary to what they have learned. Take the symbol of the Christian Cross. The PC liberals say ‘the cross is a symbol of bigotry and hate’ which is a Total Lie. Does that mean you will stop wearing a cross because they claim it means something that it doesnt? Dont give them power over your life. You have a Constitutional Right to wear what you want to.

Let them say and think what they want, that doesnt make it true.

If they say they are offended then Explain to them what it means to you. Be kind, polite and break it down for them.

Taking the time to explain can defuse misunderstandings and wash away presuppositions.

One last suggestion is to fly the first or third Confederate Flags as well. The First Flag is two horizontal red stripes separated by a central white horizontal stripe. It has a Blue corner square like the US flag that contains 7 white stars. The Third Confederate Flag has the Stars and Bars inset like the Blue part of the US Flag. It is on a White Background with a vertical red edge on the end. Look at All three flags 1st, 2nd and 3rd Confederate Flags.

I would say display them all, or any one of them.

Also I would strongly reccommend funding a Confederate Museum (There are a few) So that in the future more and more people can learn about Southern Heritage and History that they cannot get in the government run school systems. They can learn what the flag meant to those who fought under it rather than what some scatterbrained self-righteous liberal extremist thinks it means.

I would also suggest pointing others towards books like ‘The South was Right’ or a ‘Confederate reader’

Some are better than others, read them for yourself first then you can reccommend them. David has mentioned a book called ‘The Real Lincoln’ you guys should check it out as well!:)

Thanks Again David!:)
God Bless!


2:37 AM
Black Confederate said…
Hi JD,

I receive your other post with your links via email but it was not posted on the blog for some reason. Thanks for your input and comments.


2:41 PM
Black Confederate said…
Dominion Family and JD,

Thanks for visiting my site. It is true that many blacks believe the confedetate flag, especially the battle flag, is racist however that should not deter you from standing up for Sourthern heritage. JD has brought up some good points regarding the flag and the white supremacy groups. The problem is that people are not being educated about the meaning of the confederate flags and if people do not stand up for it then the meaning will be whatever those who oppose it want it to mean.

As JD said maybe you may want to fly the other Confederate flags. Others may ask what it stands for and that way it will give you a good opportunity to educate others about the truth of the Confederacy without the hostility towards the flag. Thanks.

2:54 PM
Stoney said…
BC, have you ever heard of the>Rebel Alliance?

10:33 PM
Black Confederate said…
Hi Stoney,

Thanks for visiting my site. I haven’t posted for a while but that’s because I am in the middle of renovating my house and the phone lines were not working.

I never heard of the Rebel Alliance. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


7:33 PM
Clarence the Theologian said…
Good to see and read the Truth. I’ve got you linked on my site. I look forward to more posts. Deo Vindice

12:32 AM
Aakash said…
Wow!… How long has this weblog been around? I was just recently (scroll down to a couple of the updates at the bottom of that entry) – and a couple weeks ago, I changed my friend’s computer’s desktop image to a tiled desktop with this neat photo! (That was one of the photos that I added to the bottom of this entry, along with I think one of H.K. Edgerton, but those pictures aren’t showing up now.

I recently added a sidebar link to The Huntsville Chronicle at my blog, and I will definitely be adding the "Black Confederate" to my blogroll. The links at your blog also seem interesting. I think I found your weblog via Mr. Shelton’s ‘PaleoBlog,’… I hadn’t been back there for awhile – I wish I had more time for all of this, but that unfortunately very much seems to not be the case at the moment. Please keep up the excellent work… We need more people like yourself and Mr. Shelton active in the Blogosphere!

4:30 AM
Black Confederate said…
Hi Dabney and Aakash,

Thanks for visiting my site. As you may see I have not posted in a long awhile due to house renovations. I hope to begin posting regularly again in the next month or so. Thanks.


11:39 AM
Nathan Grooms said…
You are absolutely right is saying that southerners should not be ashamed of their heritage. I have a couple of ancestors that I know of who fought for the Confederacy. You also made a good point that our nation is leading to tyranny. I posted a link to your blog on my site at

Thank you and keep up the good work.
Nathan G.

3:12 PM
Brutus said…

There are many things Southrons can do to defend their homeland, identity, and birthright.

Wear your Confederate clothing (Dixie Outfitters, Confederate Cotton, etc.), Display your flags, learn the truth and educate those people who spread lies through ignorance or anti-Southern bigotry.

If you cannot get away with a Battle Flag, put a Bonnie Blue or other historically accurate flag on your car, lunchbox, property etc. It will give you an opportunity to discuss it with some in non-hostile terms. It also creates a feeling of solidarity among others who understand its meaning. Whenever I see a car with a Bonnie Blue, I think "Thank God. A kinsman."

There is a book called "The Southern Heritage Survival Manual" for those who truly want to get active in Southern activism. You can also subscribe to Southern Partisan. Just be prepared to be accused of being politically incorrect.

Deo Vindice!

9:34 PM

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