Battle brewing over Confederate symbol’s removal from county seal

March 23, 2006

Supporters of Southern heritage say they’re not giving up the fight against the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the Amherst County seal. Supervisors voted in 2004 to remove the small "Stars and Bars" from the middle of the seal after some residents reportedly complained about the symbol’s divisive history.

But the move was done by resolution, and few people noticed until just recently. Dennis Beaton of Dixie Outfitters says he’s gathered more than 1,100 signatures of residents who oppose the removal of the Confederate symbol. He plans to present them to the supervisors next month and ask that the flag be restored.

Beaton says the removal of the symbol without any public hearing has a lot of county residents upset.

Amherst County supervisors we spoke to either could not or would not go on camera, but they say putting the issue up for public debate would have caused racial problems.

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