501(c)(3) organizations

From: gpthelastrebel@cableone.net


Val is right I have just finished the application for SHAPE’s 501c status and the questions are very specific. Here they are.

Do you support or oppose candidates in political campaigns in any way?  If “Yes,” explain

Do you attempt to influence legislation? If “Yes,” explain how you attempt to influence legislation and complete line 2b. If “No,” go to line 3a.

Have you made or are you making an election to have your legislative activities measured by
expenditures by filing Form 5768? If “Yes,” attach a copy of the Form 5768 that was already filed or attach a completed Form 5768 that you are filing with this application.  If “No,” describe whether your attempts to influence legislation are a substantial part of your activities. Include the time and money spent on your attempts to influence legislation as compared to your total activities

Needless to say, in no way shape or form did I tell the Feds I would turn my back on my heritage for a dollar. Before I do that I will find other ways and means to get around the situation of taxes.  In my opinion the SCV either has little or no understanding of what they may or may not do. I do know from the Mississippi flag issue the SCV as a
group was not as active as they should have been.

If anyone wants to join a group, be active and support Southern Heritage I would suggest you at least look at SHAPE. We are trying to grow and need people who are willing to work and make a difference. If you have a
website that you maintain, or you are a small group of researchers, SHAPE would love to merge with you and become stronger. We could incorporate your website or maintain that website under the SHAPE banner. We face the controversial issues head on.

Either we can join together and stand and fight as a united front or we can continue to be fragmented and die a slow agonizing death one at a time.

George Purvis