37th Texas links
From: blmerrill@honorablepursuits.com
Howdy Gents:
I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about links on your websites or emails referring to the 37th Texas website.  Apparently, the 37th Texas is no longer, and the website has expired.  Someone has picked up the www.37thtexas.org domain name and put a mock website in it’s place to denigrate our heritage and muddy the historical references that were once on the 37th website.
I am in the process of removing all the 37th links on the websites I manage, and I suggest that you all do the same.  These are the types of pitiful tactics our detractors resort to because, quite frankly, most of them are too stupid and too wrong to make a logical case that wins the argument.
Thanks for your time …
Brian Lee Merrill