2nd Annual “Confederate Shoot Out in Polk City"
January 3, 2015

The second annual “Confederate Shoot Out” sponsored by the Judah P. Benjamin camp 2210 SCV & the Augusta Jane Evans Wilson chapter 1640 UDC produced many “big bangs” along with a great day on the range that raised funds for both organizations.
Organized by HQ Camp member Wayne Rutland, a retired Special Forces sergeant, the shootout was an informal day of firing a menagerie of weapons and geared towards the novices. While participants were encouraged to bring their own weapons, there was a wide array of “toys” available for participants to sample including a number of variations of the world’s most popular rifles & carbines.
The event began with the firing of handguns, with one on one instruction offered if requested and a firm control of the firing line by Sgt. Rutland. With the conclusion of the handgun segment, long arms were uncased and fired. For those that had never fired a semi-auto rifle, the consensus highlight of the day appeared to be the experience of empting a 30 round magazine from my Mak 90 7.62×39. Of course, connecting with one of the “Big Bang” balls (aluminum & ammonium nitrate) that Compatriot David Waugh provided added to the experience.  We were having such a great time that needed sharing, so a visit was paid to us by a pair of Polk County Sheriff deputies. After a review of the range and safeguards, they commented that we appeared to have a well run event and bode us farewell, even though we offered for them enjoy the range themselves and have lunch with us.
After a fine dinner was provided to all by the Wilson chapter UDC, we returned to the firing range and uncased the scatter guns to destroy some pigeons. Many were peppered & folded in the air however there was a number than made their pass unscathed, only to be gathered to fly another time.
Thanks to Sgt. Rutland for organizing the event, the Wilson chapter 1640 UDC for dinner and partnering with us, Compatriot David Waugh for hardware & “bang balls” and all that attended & enjoyed the event.
At the annual Confederate Shootout, Judah P. Benjamin camp 2210 Compatriots welcome new Compatriot Robert Waugh into the fraternity with a bang! Pictured L to R Compatriots Steve Corbitt, Sgt. Wayne Rutland, Legionnaire Chuck Allen, Lt Cmd Phil Walters presenting Robert Waugh his SCV Certificate, David Munson-Chestnut and David Waugh.
Capt. Phil Walters