Gentlemen, My Views

First of all, allow me to assure to everyone who reads this that what is written here are solely my views in American History and Society. They are not binding to anyone, nor do I wish to insult anyone with them, but I do wish to express them, as I allow others to express theirs.

Let me assure you hereby that I do not speak for any heritage/history or political association or party.

Views on the founding of America

I believe that the colonies were attacked several times by Britain with taxation, Townshend Duties, etc… and that therefore Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams and Dr. Joseph Warren and many other patriots were right in demanding more freedom from Britain and the abolishment of the oppressive and tyrannical regime, as it was their Christian Duty to do so.

I believe that it would have been impossible for Britain to keep the colonies in the empire. The Colonies and particularly the American People were destined to govern themselves, sooner or later.

I also believe that the crowning achievement of the Confederation of the United States of America was the adoption of the Constitution in 1789. I also believe that that Constitution was one of the best (if not the best) form of government ever achieved by mankind.

The 2nd American Revolution

the "Civil War" started not because of slavery or because of states’ rights, it started over taxes and empire, and should therefore be called the 2nd American Revolution.

Before the 1st American Revolution General Gage (British General) called the oncoming conflict betwixt Britain and America also a "Civil War". Most people believe that the War For Colonial Independence was not a great "civil war", so why then call the War For Southern Independence, a great "civil war".

The South seceded from the Union because it had to pay largely for the government of the U.S. by way of taxes on cotton and tobacco. Those taxes went up North to help the advancement of the North, the same North which attacked the South for its slavery, and the same slavery which made them wealthy men, who were able to denounce the South.

The Yankees seem to have forgotten that they were the principal slave traders, that they had seen to it that slavery remained in the Union and that they wished to entirely stop westward expansion of the Southern States. The argument of "slave" and free states was very convenient for the yankee politicians.

In fact the South was preserving the constitution of 1789 and exercising their rights guaranteed to them by the Declaration of Independence.

The struggle on the Union side was for empire (conquering 13 states and 8 million inhabitants)

the War started over taxes and the collection of those taxes. History repeated itself in 1860-61.

It was not enough to just conquer the South, the Yanks found it too hard (or they were too stupid) to conquer the Southern Armies. Instead the burning of cities and the executing of old men and boys, together with the mutilating of bodies and the raping of innocent women appeared to be a whole lot easier. (and certainly a whole lot safer !!)

After they had conquered (but not defeated) the South, they brutally occupied the Southern States and imposed a despotic military rule upon a proud and tolerant people.

By 1873 all 13 states were conquered, occupied, destroyed, devastated, BUT… BACK IN THE UNION!! THE UNION WAS PRESERVED !!!

350,000 Northern men and boys lay dead. 260,000 Southern men and boys had died defending their homeland. Hundreds of thousands of wounded and mutilated men returned home, both North and South. 1/10 of every male of fighting age in America was dead !! BUT THE UNION WAS PRESERVED !!!

In the 1890s the U.C.V. and later the S.C.V. were founded, who today still fight for the preservation of the true history of the 2nd American Revolution.

I also believe that the U.S. should retire from the United Nations, which I believe to be a despotic new world order, attempting to make us obey through brainwashing our children in schools controlled by them.


I am a Lt in the CSA- Europe, which is an organization that searches for graves of confederate soldiers and sailors all over Europe and I am proud to be a member, but I do wish to make it clear that I do not speak for that organization or any other organization for that matter. I currently live in Belgium (although I intent to immigrate to the C.S.A. as soon as possible)

–Deo Vindice– from across the world !!