290 Foundation
From: idewar@onetel.com
I have the undisputed honour to introduce you to the ‘290 Foundation’, a charitable enterprise embarked upon this , the eighth day of August, in the year, two thousand and eleven, and is primarily envisaged, as a commemoration of all persons, associated with the ‘290’ laterally known and christened as the CSS Alabama; and those gallent men of the Confederate Navy.
After all that has been written about the conflict, known as the American Civil War, it is now too easy to perceive, with hindsight, how war might have been avoided. Indeed, if two and three generations back, those men of State, holding opposing causes and beliefs close to their hearts, had been eminently wise, calm and unselfish, yet no less patriotic, and had entered into discussion of merit, then the calamitous events of that time may have been avoided. However, as we know, those events were precipitated, perhaps rendered inevitable, by the violent course chosen by a few.
Since also, so much has been chronicled on the battles and struggle that forged back and forth across the lands of America; by comparison, little has been said of the naval activities, also carried out by both sides; but in particular, those of the Southern States.
That said, the aim of the 290 Foundation will not be to glorify, or exaggerate the achievements held so dear by so many. As a non-political organisation, the Foundation’s aim is to record and recognise the bravery and conviction of those who sailed the open oceans in search of peace through necessary conflict.
Further, the 290 Foundation will press for a true recognition of the service to the Southern cause; and the seamanship by those men who, from this United Kingdom and other known dominions, did strive to secure and safeguard the peoples of America; and through their singular, brave, duties, at sea and on land, at home and abroad, did endeavour to further guarantee the freedom of all.
Gentlemen, the 290 Foundation aligns its aims with the ‘Sons of Confederate Veterans’ and of the ‘United Daughters of the Confederacy’ and in doing so, aims to preserve the histories and legacies of our forebears, therein enabling all future generation understand the reason and motives behind their sacrifice.
Thank you!
I remain Sirs, in affiliation,
Your obedient servant,
John O.M. Dewar
Member: SCV Camp 2168 (Scotland)
President, 209 Foundation (BVI Inc)