To my southern friends, 
I received a call from HK Edgerton on Christmas day stating that a new rascal professor had appeared at East Tennessee State University. Being from east Tennessee, my mother was particularly upset about this after the victory HK had with the last one.  He assured her that he’d get up there and give him the ‘education’ he needed.
I haven’t spoken to HK recently, but know that he shows up to fight whenever and wherever he can, but it is all controlled by finances, as he is not independently wealthy.  I hear from him in again in an email today his tires have had the rubber worn off them with numerous trips to the battle front.  I’m sharing with you a direct quote now from HK: "If wasn’t scared half the time of getting a flat or breaking down, I would really strike some fear into those who dare attack my people and homeland. I just fight as hard as I can with whatever I have. And they think most of the time that I have a lot. I feel like General Forrest, make the enemy think you have superior forces".
It saddens me to see this wonderful southern man so willing and able to fight the fight, but with him so low on ammunition!   It has been a difficult year for many of us, and I know some of my friends are struggling terribly, and but for the Grace of God, go I. 
I have sent HK a check and am resolved to be faithful in my giving this year, and I’m asking you to do the same.  Dixie Outfitters has set up a way for supporters of Southern Heritage and liberty can help advance our work by donating to HK easily and safely with PayPal.  I hope you’ll look into your heart and your finances and resolve in 2012 to make this the year that you give HK the ammo he needs to keep the skeer on.  Here is the link:  – Donate to H.K. –

Please forward this message on to any friends/family that you know are passionate about the fight to clear up the ignorance and false statements about our brave heroes in Gray.  Ask them to put their money where their mouth is.
Lunelle Siegel
Temple Terrace, FL