Now that our Memphis City Council has started attempting to erase history, don’t stop now. Let’s take all the historic names off all the parks (Feb. 6 article, "’It’s done’ / City Council renames Forrest, Confederate and Jefferson Davis parks"). T.O Fuller, Kennedy, Bickford, Columbus, Tom Lee, Washington, W.C. Handy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Overton, just to name a few, do not deserve a spot in history any more than Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis.

When they finish renaming the parks, they can start on the streets. We don’t need an Elvis Presley or an Abe Plough. Let’s delete Danny Thomas and MLK from our history also. Don’t forget to take the Confederate war out of the history books.

Yellow fever did not come near as close to killing our city as the current politicians will.

J.S. Feltman