Southern National Congress Committee Announces Plan to Convene First Southern National Congress in December 2008

Alexandria, VA; December 5, 2008

Thomas Moore, Chairman of the Southern National Congress Committee, announced today that the SNC Committee plans to hold the first Southern National Congress on December 5, 6, and 7, 2008, at the Kanuga Conference Center near Hendersonville, NC. (See The SNC Committee, formed in March 2005 in McDonough, GA, is the convening authority and support organisation for the actual Congress when it meets next year.

Moore explained, “It’s abundantly clear to anyone not sunk deep in denial or who is not a shill for the Washington regime that today’s political system does not represent the American people or the national interests. It doesn’t obey the Constitution, the law, decency, or common sense. The regime has riveted the attention of the people on the raucous Presidential contest between Republicans and Democrats. But this race is a charade, and the supposed two-party system is an illusion. In reality, there is only one party – the party of the lawless, corrupt, centralized state. The GOP and Democrats don’t represent real alternatives, they are merely rivals for power fighting over who gets the spoils. Both major parties and their principal candidates have prostituted themselves to Big Government, special interests, the money cartel, and corporate oligarchs. Whichever candidate wins will not even slow, much less halt, America’s steady decline into an empire that is ‘aggressive abroad and despotic at home,’ in the prophetic words of Robert E. Lee. None of the leading candidates or parties respects the South and our particular culture, values, and interests. They only use us as cannon fodder for their endless wars and as political fodder for their cynical campaigns. We Southerners need to begin to take responsibility for our own welfare, and that’s the purpose of the SNC.”

According to Dr. Clyde Wilson, Southern historian and author and member of the SNC Committee Executive Council, “The Southern National Congress will serve as the legitimate and authentic voice for the Southern people in determining our own destiny — as Southerners. The SNC will provide a unique opportunity, a representative forum for us to come together and collectively express our grievances and advance our interests. It will represent the aspirations and the welfare of the Southern people in a way the two major parties and today’s political leaders are neither willing nor capable of doing.”

The participants who formed the SNC Committee in 2005 voted unanimously to adopt the following resolution creating the new body:

Whereas no legitimate voice exists for the Southern people in politics, economics, culture, nor society;

Whereas the Southern people have lost control of our lives and our futures, as well as those of our children, and no institution exists to restore our independence and liberty;

Whereas we deplore that race has been used, and is used today, to divide the Southern people and to prevent us from working together to decide our own destiny;

Whereas the Southern people have a God-given right to preserve our unique and valuable way of life, which stands in danger of extinction;

Be it resolved, therefore, that we, citizens of the several Southern States here assembled, in order to convene and support a Southern National Congress as the legitimate, representative voice for Southern interests and grievances, do hereby constitute the Southern National Congress Committee, so help us God.

Adopted on this fifth day of March, in the year of our Lord two thousand and five, in the city of McDonough, Georgia.

In keeping with the SNC Committee’s belief in State sovereignty, each Southern State is authorized to form its own delegation to the Congress. Delegates from Maryland and Oklahoma and Southerners living outside the South will have observer status. The first session of the Congress will be a unicameral Assembly of Delegates in which each State will have one vote. Once the Congress convenes, it will assume sovereignty over its own subsequent organisation, acts, and pronouncements; and in the future may decide to add a second house or shift to proportional representation and voting.

The SNC Committee invites the participation of Southerners who wish to preserve the South’s traditional way of life and to protect her from the growing destruction of Southern liberty, prosperity, and culture by the Empire. Future announcements will be forthcoming soon on how the States are organising their delegations and how interested Southerners may take part in the Congress next December in North Carolina.

For further information, see the SNC website, or contact