1865/2015 Commemorative calendars
Fellow Confederates,
New Year’s Day 1865 would be the beginning of the end for the new Southern Confederacy.
Gen. Sherman had just presented Savannah, GA to US President Abraham Lincoln as a ‘Christmas Present” along with lots of loot (25,000 bales of cotton, 150 heavy cannons, and ‘plenty’ of ammunition), forcing the Army of Tennessee, decimated after Franklin,  to retreat north to South Carolina.  The Army of Northern Virginia was bottled up in the Siege at Petersburg.
Despite the CSA government’s monetary policy that would reverse hyperinflation, Federal forces were deep within the heart of Dixie, ominously and diligently dividing the defending armies from each other, and almost ensuring the eventual inability of the armed forces to project their power in this grueling defensive war of attrition.
Very dark days indeed, but the Southern spirit continued to be optimistic in spite of adversity, and this is the story told in this year’s 150th Observance Calendar.
Even after the surrenders by the respective Army Generals, and the flight or capture of all the Executive Branch of the Confederate Government, the war on the Southern civilians would continue.  This is perhaps the most undiscussed part of the War, and this calendar brings to light many of the personalities involved.
A few of the special 1865/2015 Commemorative calendars are still available for the price of $15.00 and they can show up in your mail box for only $3.50 more ($18.50 total).
Those of us living today are special in that we are the only ones that will begin the year with the memory of our Southern Ancestors (military and civilian) in our hearts.  Let his calendar be your tool to honor their memory and order today by sending your $18.50 check payable to UDC 2640 to:  Lunelle Siegel; 606 Vanderbaker Road; Temple Terrace, FL 33617
Deo Vindice,
Lunelle Siegel
150th Observance Committee Chair
Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter 2640