150 years too late — better than never

From: torpenhow@charter.net
To: editorial@nytimes.com


Letter to the editor — 200 words — for publication:

What irony – an article entitled "A Last Bastion of Civility, the South, Sees Manners Decline" (U.S., Nov. 1).

Yes, civility is fading in the South, but what do you at the Times expect when your industry has moved in lockstep to defame and ruin the region for half a century?

You in the "liberal" media have done everything you could to exalt vulgarity — even criminality — and to mock, ridicule, and destroy human dignity. From your manipulation of news and opinion to the filth and insolence of today’s entertainment, the stampede is toward total barbarism. The centerpiece has been the constant defamation of the South as a backwater of racism, discrimination and slave guilt. Check the Northern and Western record there sometime, will you?

In the abovementioned article, two blacks sued over being asked to give up their seats in a bar for white women. Who is it that has spent forty years screaming at minorities from all sides from the moment they’re born that they are perfect and whites are demons? Look in the mirror and see if there’s an answer.

Your immigration agenda is another giant factor in the wrecking of the social fabric nationwide and beyond.

Randolph N. Waller
Anderson, SC