150 years later
From: Albritton.K@monet.k12.ca.us
April 9th, Modesto, California
The SCWA, Stanislaus Civil War Association held a very one sided (Yankee) memorial service at the local GAR plot, commemorating the beginning of the Civil War and all the federal sacrifices.  The actual service was federally biased to be sure, with everything from the SUV presence to the singing of the battle hymn of the republic.  I, though I was not invited, did manage to gain permission to bring my cavalry unit for historical ambiance.  We sat in our period saddles upon our war horses and listened while the service was presented.  From what was said, one would surmise that the Confederacy was never involved in the War for Southern Independence, because, according to the speakers, the only ones who fought and died for their country were all Yankees; hello, is there anybody in there?
I know most of the members of this organization and have attended many such gatherings in the past, or at least until I became more involved with Southern Heritage and began the Lieutenant General Wade Hampton Camp, 2023, here in Modesto, back in 2002.  It all became clear to me during this proceeding, that this was specifically why I stopped coming to their monthly meetings; they think that they, the Yankees, were the only ones involved in that four year struggle.
When the festivity was completed, we showed true Southern spirit by singing The Bonny Blue Flag as we rode away.  I think I know what is wrong with our country, it does not appreciate its Southern citizens; that is a sad, very sad thing.
Lord bless y’all and Lord bless the South.
Kermit Lee Albritton
Thomas Downey High School
English Department