From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Thu, Aug 18, 2011
Subject: Obama- 150 Years in the Making!

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
Illinois can now claim its second plague- Barack Hussein Obama.  The first was Abraham Lincoln and the two are mirrored images of one another.
Unfortunately, most cannot comprehend or understand the relationship between the two, thanks to the Federals’ Department of Education & the influence it has had on the ‘educational system’.
In order to comprehend this exclaim, a basic understanding of American History would be required….. but most American students today cannot even find VietNam on a map…. much less know what VietNam once was or how it came to be & what was done to Siam!
Each of these Ideological Zealots and Tyrants exposed themselves for what they truly were & are.
Lincoln, unfortunately, was absorbed into History but NOT before he unleashed the Holocaust called the American Civil War.   He changed life, AND I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT SLAVERY, as it was known & destroyed the Republic in the process morphing it into this Socialist Democracy, in the least, that we have today.
Obama is Lincoln’s post-graduate student and a product of that infection of infliction that has destroyed the United States & the Confederate States of America before it.
He has been in the making for years.   Groomed at Harvard and set loose with an Ideology of Destruction in which Chicago offered the ultimate environment for this pestilence to grow.
Many still support this imposter because they are incapable or unwilling to acknowledge what they helped to advance in a Social Experiment gone horribly BAD!
ANYONE who ever grew up in a poor neighborhood could see this Deacon of BS a mile off and what he was all about.
The suit does NOT make the man but rather, the man makes the suit and Obama is the personification of an empty suit if ever there was one.   Through in arrogance and a deep dislike infused within him since birth towards this country and the perfect storm of an individual was cast & created some years ago.
The academia have been preparing him along with the Global Zealots who ultimately were to package & sell him along with his ‘Hope & Change’ NONSENSE to an un-suspecting & clueless electorate simply because the electorate have sat upon a ‘stupid stool of unnecessary repentance & mis-guided guilt’ allowing themselves to become Divided while the Two-Party Duopoly was playing them like an Austrian fiddle.    Stupidly, the electorate maintained a ridiculous allegiance to one party or the other who have finally revealed themselves for what they truly are- Two Wings of the Same Bird!
The electorate still clings to a fantasy that there is a difference between the two ‘party’s’ !
And because of this foolish allegiance to one or the other, they have allowed BOTH to combine in the literal slitting of our throats with knives bought and paid for by us through a failed & jaded taxation system that they have, equally, NO understanding of.
Yet, when the TRUTH is presented to many, they simply choose to refute it because it is too terrible to believe and elect, in turn, those who have routinely and consistently altered their way of life whose many FAILURES AND UNDERTAKINGS are the sum total of today’s problems resulting in Financial Chaos & Mounting debt… if Foreclosure was NOT enough!
The Lincoln’s and the Obama’s have acted like a run away cash register WITHOUT a cashier, and the resultant CHAOS that was predicted & inflicted over many years like a silent poison, has rendered the American patient DOA!
Karl Marx congratulated Lincoln after the Civil War "on a job well done!" (how many know that?)……and from thereon & through the process of Reconstruction, America has been dismantled block by block-  Politically, Economically and Culturally.
There can be NO argument made that we REMAIN what we ONCE were, & this FAILED social experiment called Obama, who has DELIBERATELY  ‘levied’ his Ideology & wanton desire to destroy this Country, because of his deep & unbridled hatred  towards this country, cannot be discounted or ignored either!
   It is real and it is very much omnipresent.
There is NO worthwhile explanation that can be made for his actions that have crippled and destroyed the economy of this Country- NONE!
I would contend that this impunity and deep dislike for America was implanted within him long ago. 
His books, his comments, his associations and even his wife hold America in total contempt and his continuous apology’s to ANYONE throughout this World for America’s "past conduct", as he described it, could NOT have made this charge ANY more clearer!
As the Reverend Dennis McKay so aptly points out in his article in the Jan-April issue of the Citizens Informer (Newsletter for the CCC), entitled, " We Are All Socialists Now!":   The great debate in America today is the question: "Are we moving toward Socialism?"   The Truth is that America has embraced, by both Democrats & Republicans, socialist principles.
> The Communist Manifesto summed up the philosophy of Socialism & Communism in TEN LAWS.
> EIGHT of those TEN LAWS are in operation, in part or in whole, today in America.
Here is a list of Marx’s Laws & their adoption today in America:
1) Abolition of private property- Supreme Court Kelo Decision in 2005.
2) A ‘Progressive income tax- Congress passed in 1917.
3) Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
4) Centralization of credit with a National Bank- the creation of the Federal Reserve (Private Central bank) in 1913.
5) Centralization of the means of Communication & Transport- Federal Communications & Interstate Commerce Commission.
6) ‘Instruments’ of production owned by the ‘State’ (Central Government)- the Government takeover of the Banks & GM to mention but a few.
7) Combination of Agriculture with Manufacturing Industry’s- Agricultural Adjustment Act.
8) Free ‘Education’ for all children in public schools- The Department of Education & the funding of public schools.
The key to Socialism is to use ‘Democracy’ to further Centralize everything under a Central Government.   The question of- ‘Are We Moving Toward Socialism’ becomes moot as we have totally embraced it!
Karl Marx’s letter to Lincoln after the so-called Civil War,  "on a job well done",  becomes a bit more profound now in retrospect relative to today—– wouldn’t you say?
Equally, Obama was elected by the electorate SIMPLY on a ‘platform’ of  ‘Hope & Change’ without so much as A question being asked of him on what he meant by ‘Hope & Change’!
Marx and Lincoln would have been enormously proud of their boy Obama- a valedictorian of profound commitment if ever there was one, who they proudly & gladly graduated from their school.
That is how far we have descended and that is why someone like a Nancy Pelosi would say with such absolute temerity & confidence- "We need to pass this Bill so we know what’s in it"—- because they have ruled for so long they think YOU that dumb that YOU would accept such an anomaly of stupidity absent of ANY common sense because they think that little of YOU!
And, as America continues to bleed much like an arterial wound, Obama will take another vacation along with his wife who just got back from one.
Congress is in ‘recess’ until September when they will return to inflict more carnage by way of more ill-begotten & empty promises upon us.   The Kangaroo Court will NOT ‘entertain’ a motion to strike down Obama’s fiasco called ObamaCare until sometime in October with a decision NOT scheduled until late Spring.
Meanwhile, Rome continues to burn and the Emperor without clothes called Obama has come up with a " a secret plan for jobs"…. but will NOT let us know until some time in September—-his Vacation of course comes first.
The Federal Reserve will hold current rates for their ‘Special friends’ at 0 %, infusing more worthless Yankee Greenbacks into the Market that is just another form of Quantitative Easing, as they have NOTHING LEFT IN THEIR BAG OF TRICKS from which to work or trick us with.
And SADLY, our Troops will continue to fight in more of their Economic Wars, heralded and portrayed as Necessary in the Name of National Security while it will be their BLOOD that will be ‘spent’ just like those of our Family’s and Friends before them so the Internationalists can Balance Their Books in the name of ‘GLOBALISM’.
It is a Kabuki Dance and it is being carried out in full view and right before every American’s eye’s and many haven’t the remotest clue as to what in the hell is going on.
That is how far we have sunk and deteriorated as a Country thanks to the Nanny State they created whose mindset is- You Owe it To Me.
The Feds and their two-party Duopoly known as the RepublicRats just extended the "Debt Ceiling" in order to continue to underwrite and pay for America’s carnage & unnecessary Wars.    And the temerity they exhibited & will CONTINUE to exhibit, is YET another example of their ill-begotten ways & arrogant disrespect for YOU…..but they would have YOU believe that ANY ‘Deal’ is better than NO deal and that it is good for YOU!
> It will add another $$$ 8 Trillion Dollars to the Debt over the next 10 years but will only CUT $ 2 Trillion from ‘expenditures’…..but what expenditures and WHEN?
> What crook wouldn’t like those odds- 8 to 2 ?
They will certainly NOT be Entitlement Expenditures as The Congressional Black Caucus within XCongress and their Global Progressive Friends and Ally’s said they will oppose and veto ANY ATTEMPT to cut ENTITLEMENTS- ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THAT— You Owe it To Me attitude that has crippled EVERYONE!
George Washington advised us to "Keep our noses out of Foreign Affairs."   Patrick Henry told us to "Guard with jealous attention the public Liberty and to Suspect ANYONE who approaches that jewel."
Thomas Jefferson told us that "when all government, Domestic & Foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of ALL power, it will become as venal & oppressive as the government from which we separated."
And just what have the Federals done?  Completely the Opposite of that which the Founders told us NOT to do!
Biden calls us Terrorists.  Geithner is a former Government (Goldman) Sachs alumni, current Treasury Secretary who is a crook, failed to pay taxes & former head of the NY Federal Reserve. HA!   Janet Napolitano refuses to acknowledge that there is an Illegal Immigration Problem and is head of Homeland Security. HA, HA!
Eric Holder is the Attorney General who sanctioned the Illegal trafficking of Guns to the Mexican Cartels under a dubious program called Fast & Furious resulting in one of our Border Agents being killed with one of these guns. HA, HA, HA!
Nancy Pelosi believes "we need to save the planet" and to hell with those Americans within the GrassRoots efforts that she calls, AstroTurf right-wingers.- 4 HA’s!  Harry Reid rigged the last election so Big Time it wasn’t even funny to get ‘re-elected’. – 5 HA’s!
John Kerry has been ‘selected’ to be one of those serving on the Super Congress to do what the regular Congress was elected to do. HA doesn’t even come close!!!!!!!!
The List of these ‘Federals’ is endless!
And The Emperor Obama hasn’t done didily or, as Granny said in the film, The Outlaw Josey Wales:
"All That Big Talk Don’t Amount to Doodily Squat"
What they all need is a Missourah Boat Ride!
" When did Liberty ever Exist when the sword & the purse were given up from the People?  Unless a miracle shall interpose, NO nation ever did, nor ever can one retain it’s Liberty after the Loss of the sword & the purse."
—-Patrick Henry
" To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends Carefully.  The more politically active Black Students, the Foreign Students, the Chicanos, the Marxist Professors & the Structural Feminists & Punk Rock Performance Poets."
— Barack Hussein Obama
" The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright, but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness. "
— Proverbs
‘When the South Lost, so Too did the United States….but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time’
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration and Reseating of the Legal deJure Government of the South- The Confederate Republic of Sovereign States
PS- Will You Join us Now?