145th Gettysburg

From: abirchler16@yahoo.com

‘laina and I just got home from the 145th Gettysburg. This time we were in Kemper’s Brigade (maybe we will get a discount on our insurance). We lost again. We made it up close to the wall before the Yankees filled us with northern lead.

I was impressed by the number of African-Americans there were in the Confederate Army this year. My earliest interest in the War Between the States (extended Kansas-Missouri War) was the Women who picked up muskets and fought, and the African-Americans who fought for the Confederacy. Since then it has come to include African-Americans who favored the Confederacy over the Union.

When I named one of our groups Black CSA, I was probably thinking more about twenty-first century Southern African-Americans than nineteenth century (although the latter were definitely on my mind).

Arleigh Birchler, BSN, MDiv
"Sweet Baboo"
McGee’s Crossroads, North Carolina

(Ali Sengaree – Allah’ka cli here chaya)