Re: An Open Report / The 10th wonder of the world

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Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good Morning,

I read with interest your report regarding the 10th Wonder of the World (” the world’s largest Confederate Battle Flag “). This flag should also be erected right down in Miami off the highway. The flag is the last representation that this is America. And American people are still residing here in the good old USA.

The politicians have given away the country and continue to fall for all sorts of lies including the Confederate Battle Flag. This is a smoke screen to keep Southern Blacks and Whites divided and bickering among themselves so that these greedy politicians, Robber Barons and carpet baggers can continue to make deals with foreign governments to sell off what is left of the country.

The Last time I visited Tampa, I had the opportunity to visit the Judah P. Benjamin site where he spent his last days in America before escaping to England.

It is surprising as to how many people know that the Judah P. Benjamin site is in the State of Florida. I also read with interest your report on the visit to the grave site of Levi Carnine, a very prominent and famous Black Confederate. I wonder if he ever came into contact with Judah P. Benjamin. After his entire name is of the Jewish Heritage. Which brings me to this important point; Most of the southern people that I have come into contact with tell me that they were not slave owners nor did they own any of the big plantations. The next time that you come into contact with the uninformed Black educators or commentators ask them how can this be.

The media is going to continue to make sure that the issue of the Confederate flag is demonized for the interest of those who have not only stolen from the southern people but have managed to give the country back to England which is not owned by the English.

The Southern People must stand their ground and continue to insist that their heritage deserves a respectful place in American History.

As I have mentioned before, every foreigner that comes to these shores comes not to contribute but to take from what America has to offer. America is being over populated with people that are bringing the flags of their national origin to this country and displaying them without any debate.

The Southern people have just as much right to display their flag as any foreigner entering these United States.

Black and White Southerners must unite for the good of each other. Or we all will end up on the trash heap together.

Kindest Regards,