Dixie Heritage News – 8/13/2021

"While we wait for the cops, have a seat and I'll tell you all about Jesus." It came as a surprise to Mottrom Drive resident Beau Fitzpatrick that he lives on a street named for [...]

Confederate Ancestors: Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

Our Confederate Ancestors: Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and His Men in Action August 12, 2021 Gene Kizer, Jr. Laying down the body, Forrest spread his handkerchief over his dead brother's face and, calling on a [...]

Disregard For Southern Rights

AMERICA'S DISREGARD FOR SOUTHERN RIGHTS "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" are three rights given by our Creator and protected by government. They seemingly have lost their meaning or been amended until almost every [...]

Look Whose Leading The Mob

Dixie Heritage News - August 6, 2021 If you heard the testimony that DC cop Michael Fanone gave before Congress on July 27th you probably have a better understanding of why cops are so commonly [...]