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We are very thankful for the support you have shown for the Confederate Flag and for the confidence you have shown in Dixie Outfitters. We appreciate your patience as we process your merchandise. We have experienced a record number of orders and are doing our best to get them out as quickly as possible.  Keep her flyin’, and God Bless Dixie!


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Our All Featured Items – All Over Print Designer T-shirts!

Introducing the newest apparel line from Dixie Outfitters – All Over Print Designer T-shirts! You thought our T-shirts were bold before… check them out now! Make a real statement with these vibrant, soft, durable shirts. Only $18.95! Wear with pride, and keep that Confederate flag flyin’ high!


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Genuine Dixie Designs

Dixie Outfitters has been committed to Southern Pride for 30 years, and we’re not stopping now. Show your pride in genuine Dixie Outfitters designs.

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A Feminine Touch

Celebrate this summer with a little Dixie. Shop our large selection of sizzlin’ hot women’s merchandise and show your Southern roots with a Dixie design.

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Snakes & Snails

What can we say about our little Southern boys? Well, they’re adorable, that’s what! Dress your little rebels in our latest Dixie designs.