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Southern Art



   .. I was born in a city in Indiana called Shelbyville. My family moved from there when I was 3 to Arlington Texas. From there to St Louis Missouri, and then to Vista, California and then back again to Swansea, Illinois, where I currently live.

   I served four years in the Marine Corps after which I went to SIU Carbondale for my education in the Graphic Arts and worked as graphic artist for six years before moving to California.

   There, I started my career as a freelance artist, which I did until about three years ago where I started to branch out into the fine art world.

   My influences have been like my education in the three R’s. Norman Rockwell, Frederick Remington, Rembrandt van Rijn. Of course it doesn’t stop there, I have many others I could quote like a reference book, but the important thing is they schooled me into thinking like an artist and to develop my skills.

   With the recent developments in the world of computers and the many programs that are available I have also learned those skills, but have come to believe in the need to produce as much as possible in the natural arts I was taught in. Not because I shun the technology of our time, but technology has not given me the results I desired in my work.

   I believe in the skills developed in the use of pencil and paper, brush and canvas, and they will take me to that place I want to be in my imagination



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