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Shirley Temple - Way Down South In Dixie     Backup (13.1 MB)

Ole Miss Alumni Band Plays From Dixie With Love     Backup (32.9 MB)

They Laid Waste To Our Land     Backup (18.1 MB)

The Confederate Flag Still Flies In The South     Backup (24.6 MB)

Abraham Lincoln Was A Tyrant!     Backup (22.3 MB)

Ron Paul - The South Was Right!     Backup (33.4 MB)

Ron Paul On The American Civil War     Backup (5.34 MB)

Clip 3 - "Black Confederates - The Forgotten Men In Gray"     Backup (49.6 MB)

Clip 2 - "Black Confederates - The Forgotten Men In Gray"     Backup (59.7 MB)

Clip 1 - "Black Confederates - The Forgotten Men In Gray"     Backup (36.3 MB)

I Will Not Take My Confederate Flag Down     Backup (128 MB)

Two Southern Boys On Hank Williams Jr / Monday Night Football Scandal     Backup (128 MB)

Battle Of Blountville 2011     Backup (157 MB)

Abe Lincoln: Worst President Ever?     Backup (94.4 MB)

Economic Reasons For The War     Backup (45.3 MB)

My Cross     Backup (25.5 MB)

A Side Of Stonewall Jackson You Never Knew     Backup (23.3 MB)

Johnny Reb - American Hero     Backup (14.6 MB)

Ron Paul Speaks Out About Lincoln And The War For Southern Independence     Backup (59.3 MB)

Abraham Lincoln: Tyrant     Backup (17.6 MB)

Judge Andrew Napolitano - Secession 10th Amendment     Backup (8.66 MB)

Mr. Confederate Man     Backup (8.87 MB)

Legend Of The Confederate Soldier     Backup (7.68 MB)

Black Confederate - HK Edgerton     Backup (10.2 MB)

What Was The South Fighting For?     Backup (7.63 MB)

NAACP Flag Burning     Backup (11.1 MB)

Betcha Didn't Know These Facts     Backup (1.42 MB)

Cursed Are The Peace Makers - SC Statehouse     Backup (39.3 MB)

The Confederate Flag Issue - SC Statehouse     Backup (19.5 MB)

Good Ole Rebel      Backup (8.55 MB)

Is Secession Crazy?     Backup (9.41 MB)

Judge Napolitano On Liberty, Lincoln & Public Miseducation     Backup (5.99 MB)

DIXIE - This Is My Flag     Backup (17.1 MB)

The Empire Is Dying, Long Live Dixie     Backup (13.5 MB)

Uniting Southron Patriots     Backup (8.91 MB)

The Flag Man Of The South     Backup (10.6 MB)
H.K. Edgerton's March to Washington D.C.

Battle Of Chickamauga 2008     Backup (8.23 MB)

Tampa SCV Confederate Flag-Largest in the World     Backup (3.42 MB)

Confederate Memorial Day Ceremony - Jacksonville, Florida     Backup (6.29 MB)

South Carolina Confederate Flag Demonstration     Backup (39.3 MB)

The Hazzards Of White Guilt     Backup (9.90 MB)

Confederate Memory Loss     Backup (10.1 MB)

Beautiful Dixie

Why Enemies Of Liberty Love Lincoln
     Backups:     Part 1 (25.6 MB)    Part 2 (24.7 MB)    Part 3 (24.8 MB)    Part 4 (24.3 MB)    Part 5 (22.9 MB)   
     Part 6 (23.2 MB)

Ron Paul For President     Backup (2.51 MB)

Civil War - Setting The Record Straight, Part 3     Backup (1.17 MB)

Civil War - Setting The Record Straight, Part 4     Backup (1.82 MB)

Civil War - Setting The Record Straight, Part 5     Backup (1.27 MB)

Civil War - Setting The Record Straight, Part 6     Backup (1.47 MB)

Civil War - Setting The Record Straight, Part 7     Backup (1.62 MB)

Civil War - Setting The Record Straight, Part 8     Backup (1.84 MB)

Waking Up Dixie     Backup (20.8 MB)

What Is Real State's Rights?

God, Give Us One More Victory     Backup (5.32 MB)

Burlington VT Secessionist Convention - Press Conference     Backup (17.5 MB)

Thomas Moore - Burlington VT Secessionist Convention     Backup (8.38 MB)

No Apologies For Slavery, By The Southern Avenger     Backup (12.1 MB)

Red, White and Blue     Backup (17.3 MB)

H.K. Edgerton's Trip To Virginia
Promo of H.K. Edgerton's visit to Amherst County High School in Virginia, April 21, 2006. (0.91 mb)

Confederate Pride     Backup (6.15 MB)

Cherokee High School
A clip from Fox News about the banning of Confederate symbols at Cherokee High School in Canton, Ga. (1.6 mb)

More Cherokee High School
This time from CNN. ( 0.35 mb)

Now You've Got Yourself a Fight
Robert Lloyd responds, in song, to efforts aimed at removing Southern Heritage symbols and free speech. (5.73 mb)

The Big Story - Mall closings in Alabama
An informative clip from WAAY-31 in Huntsville about an effort to end all Dixie Outfitters sales in Alabama. (3.89 mb)