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16120 ---Lee: Patriot Or Traitor? --- Released: 31 minutes Ago. ---- 2014-04-21 13:43:43 -0400
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Was Robert E. Lee a patriot or a traitor?

April 18, 2014

Questioning Lee doesn't sit well in an area that prefers the Stars and Bars flying in place of a U.S. flag

Questions over the “legacy” of Virginia son and Confederate General Robert E. Lee are emerging once again on the campus of the university named for him and George Washington in Lexington.

A group of law students want Washington & Lee to remove Confederate flags from the grounds, “acknowledge and apologize for participating in chattel slavery,” officially recognize Martin Luther King Day and ban a neo-Confederate march on campus during Lee-Jackson Day.

Their demands, of course, are not sitting well in a town where some would prefer the Stars and Bars flying in place of the American flag on streets.

Calling the students involved in the demands part of “a hotbed of these kinds” and claiming they “are not entitled to be offended,” the “commander” of the Lexington-based Stonewall Brigade of the Sons of Confederate Veterans told Luanne Rife of The Roanoke Times the students “would be better off in Communist China than in the United States.”

Strong words by Brandon Dorsey, the so-called “commander” who still thinks celebrating a war fought to protect “states’ rights” that included the “right” to own and use slaves is a source of pride.

As a native-born Southerner, I have long been bothered by the questionable practice of honoring those who, by most measures of patriotism, abandoned their country and became traitors by fighting against it.

When Robert E. Lee resigned his commission in the United States Army and signed on to command the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, he became — under the Uniform Code of Military Justice — a traitor of the United States.

Is such an action worthy of honor?  History has varying opinions on the matter but Virginia’s insistence of keeping a state holiday that honors both Lee and another Confederate general — Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson — for their actions raises questions about whether or not the hatred that sparked the Civil War is buried or still alive and well in the Commonwealth.

Confederate flags still fly in front of some homes (usually trailers with tires on the roofs) in our area or drape the back windows of pickup trucks that are also adorned with bumper stickers that say “Forget Hell!” or proclaim other beliefs that the reasons for the war were valid.

Anjelica Hendricks and Dominik Taylor are two Virginians among the seven students protesting W&L’s continuing “tradition” of honoring a sordid past.

Hendricks told The Roanoke Times that W&L ignores Lee’s failures as both an American and a human being when it asks students to “sign an honor contract to uphold our honor according to the honor of Robert E. Lee.  Signing that contract in the shadow of a slave owner, and beneath plaques honoring Confederate soldiers, and battle flags bowing to a movement to keep black people enslaved is hurtful.”

“I’m a native of Virginia. I know what it’s like to remember the past,” she said in her interview with the Times.  “However, I didn’t feel the racism and disrespect as I did in being asked to uphold an honor that aligns with the views of Lee.”

Taylor says the university’s practice of allowing neo-Confederates, costumed as soldiers of the South, to march across the campus and hold a ceremony on Lee-Jackson Day  hurts students and faculty and dishonors the school.

Proponents of the right to honor Lee claim that he and his wife inherited slaves from her father and immediately set about to free them.  History, however, sasy otherwise, noting that freedom for the slaves was part of Lee’s father-in-law’s will and that Lee fought in court to delay that freedom before Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation forced him and other slave owners to comply.

Which, once again, raises the question:

Was Robert E. Lee a patriot or a traitor?

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16119 ---Skeered Of The Flag? --- Released: about 1 hour Ago. ---- 2014-04-21 13:13:06 -0400
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Why Are They Skeered of the Confederate Flag?
by Javier Manjarres
17 Apr 2014
According to FOX News, two Long Island, New York high school students have been suspended from school for displaying a Confederate flag to a school sporting event.

Brother Gary Cregan, the principal at St. Anthony's High School in South Huntington, told WCBS-TV the boys walked into the after-hours sporting event with the flag draped around their shoulders.

"The African-American students who immediately saw it really exercised heroic restraint and fortunately a teacher immediately confiscated the flag and took the students out of the gym,” Cregan said.

While everyone can agree that the Confederate flag may represent  hate to many, the flag is also a symbol of heritage in the "Deep South."

But what about free speech? Isn't it the rights of these two men, as well as every other American, to express themselves however they please?

If the Confederate flag is considered so racist, and should not be banned from being displayed in public, then how about banning the Nation of Islam flag, as well as the Black Panther flag?

Back in the 1900's when the Confederate flag proudly flew throughout the southern United States, it wasn't displayed to call attention the slavery of blacks that was occurring, but to represent those southern states.

There is a very big difference here between the Confederate flag and those flags from the Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam, and the KKK, which all convey outright hatred.

Copyright © 2014 Breitbart

On The Web:   http://www.breitbart.com/InstaBlog/2014/04/17/Why-Are-They-Skeered-of-the-Confederate-Flag


16109 ---SCV Plate Numbers Released --- Released: 3 days Ago. ---- 2014-04-18 11:18:51 -0400
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Sons of Confederate Veterans   
April 15, 2014    

(ATLANTA - April 16, 2014)  Just a little more than a week before Confederate Memorial Day is officially observed across the state, the Sons of Confederate Veterans have released the first update on the sale of their new specialty license plate in Georgia which prominently features the Confederate battle flag since it made national news in February.

Media outlets across America carried the story in February concerning the new specialty plate for the Sons in Georgia after the Georgia Division of the SCV was invited by the state of Georgia to submit a new design for their decade-old specialty plate.  The new design which was approved bears the Confederate battle flag across the entire length of the plate.  The new design drew hate-filled rhetoric from groups who oppose any display of Confederate symbols or observance of Southern heritage.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans took the position in February that despite the fact that political correctness has made it acceptable for all groups to celebrate their history and heritage except Southerners, the SCV believes that all people have a right to preserve their own valuable way of life and to celebrate their heritage.  Georgia SCV Division Commander Jack Bridwell stated that it is his and the Georgia Division's intention to make sure that all of Georgia's young people understand why they should be proud of their Confederate ancestors and their Southern heritage, and he stated that the Georgia Division is just beginning a major campaign to that end.

Groups opposing the new Georgia Division specialty plate were quick to speculate in February that sales of the plate would be dismal following the negative attention that it had received.

This week, the Sons of Confederate Veterans received the first report from the Georgia Department of Revenue on the sale of the plates since the new design became available in February.  Even though the new design was not released to the media until the middle of February, reports show that total sales of the SCV plate were up to 175% of sales of the SCV plate during the preceding month of January this year -- a considerable increase and a much different response than predicted by opponents of the SCV.

Tim Pilgrim, adjutant for the Georgia SCV, noted that the numbers for February which were just received from the Department of Revenue were remarkable, especially given the fact that the public only knew about the new design for less than half of the month of February.  He said that preliminary reports from local tag offices around the state indicate that the number of sales of the plate in March may actually surpass the spike in sales that occurred in February.

The surge in sales of the SCV license plate, especially in light of the opposition to it, demonstrate a growing support for Southern heritage in Georgia and a stiffening of resistance among the population at large to the never-ending demands of political correctness.

For more information about the Sons of Confederate Veterans or the sale of SCV license plates in Georgia, please call 404.271.8473 or contact the Georgia Division SCV online at www.GeorgiaSCV.org  


16108 ---SCV Encourages History Study --- Released: 6 days Ago. ---- 2014-04-15 14:37:25 -0400
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Sons of Confederate Veterans Encourage Study of Accurate History

Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Pillow provides an opportunity to discover the truth.

Columbia, Tennessee
April 12, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014, marks the Sesquicentennial of the military engagement at Ft. Pillow. The events of that day were not easily comprehended as a contemporary occurrence, let alone as a historical matter. Furthermore, interpretation of the events on that day have contributed to a cloudy perception of the life of one of the battle's significant participants, Nathan Bedford Forrest.

It is the desire of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) that Americans ponder the events of Ft. Pillow and the broader subject of General Forrest, practice personal scholarship and reach their own conclusions unencumbered by commonly recited, yet inaccurate, histories. The SCV sought Dr. Michael Bradley and Lt. Col. Edwin Kennedy as credible contributors to this dialogue and a catalyst to that end. Their work is attached.

We invite all Americans that value an accurate and truthful history to review these attachments. As we move into the final year of the Sesquicentennial observance of the War Between the States, the SCV is on watch to be certain "that the true history of the South is presented to future generations."

Formed in 1896, The Sons of Confederate Veterans is an international organization of male descendants of Confederate soldiers and the nation’s largest military history and genealogy society, with over 30,000 members.

© Copyright 1997-2014, Vocus

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16107 ---FL Celebrates Conf. Memorial Day --- Released: 6 days Ago. ---- 2014-04-15 13:33:59 -0400
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Florida celebrates Confederate Memorial Day

Amy Bennett Williams
Fort Myers News-Press
April 11, 2014

Fort Myers, Florida (News-Press) -- Though most 2014 calendars list May 26 as Memorial Day, many Southwest Floridians observe another day of remembrance a month earlier: Confederate Memorial Day.

It may have a lower profile, but it is indeed an official Florida holiday, as it is in 10 other southern states.

In 2006, the Lee County Commission made it official with a resolution that read, in part:

"Whereas: April is the month in which the Confederate States of America began and ended their four year struggle for sovereignty and independence (and) Florida joined the Confederate States of America and contributed more soldiers and sailors than any other state in proportion to its population...It is necessary to honor this part of our past to draw from it the courage, wisdom and strength demonstrated by those who lived through that era and endured its hardship so that we may go forward with other Americans in a spirit of brotherhood, unity and reconciliation for a better tomorrow..."

Fort Myers veteran Robert Gates takes those words very seriously.

That's why he'll be joining fellow members of the Major W M Footman Camp 1950 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Fort Myers United Daughters of the Confederacy. Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy in the old Buckingham Cemetery.

Though the nonprofits maintain Confederate graves and monuments throughout the region, they've given special attention to the Buckingham Cemetery. In recent months, they've added a flagpole, planted flowers and installed a 385-pound, 4-foot-tall statue of a Confederate soldier.

Dubbed Sgt. Franklin, it stands watch over the 11 Confederate veterans buried under the cemetery's ancient oaks.

A Cypress Lake High School graduate and decorated Air Force veteran, Gates is a charter member of the Footman camp as well as its commander.

For him, honoring Confederate veterans is a responsibility he shoulders proudly, informed by his abiding interest in history. He keeps a watchful eye on the Robert E. Lee statue in downtown Fort Myers and tends Confederate graves at Buckingham, Alva and New Prospect cemeteries, where the Sons have raised money to place markers on all Confederate graves.

But Gates wants people to know this is not a members-only affair — anyone is welcome to attend. If they do, they'll be treated to poetry, speeches, a flag ceremony and rifle salute as well as trumpet, bagpipe and violin music followed by an old-fashioned, covered-dish picnic.

Oft-flaring controversy aside, Gates says, the celebration is not about race or slavery.

"To us, the descendants ... we mark this day as a memorial to those who sacrificed all in the defense of their homeland and/or state," he says. "(It's) a day of remembrance of the Confederate soldier, sailor, elected official and civilians of the South who died during the War Between the States."

On The Web:   http://www.wtsp.com/story/news/local/florida/2014/04/11/florida-confederate-memorial-day/7588007/


16088 ---Confederate Memorial Service 4-5-2014 --- Released: 17 days Ago. ---- 2014-04-04 12:56:07 -0400
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Sons of Confederate Veterans   
April 4, 2014    

TIME:  Saturday, Music begins at 9am; Service at 10am
LOCATION:  Albany, Ga
DIRECTIONS:  Hwy.91 Philema Road 1/2 mile past Chehaw Park on the Dougherty-Lee county line (if using GPS, search for Chehaw Park; Confederate Memorial Park is 1/2 mile from there).

Confederate History and Heritage Month in Georgia has been permanently designated by the Georgia Legislature to be observed each April. An Annual Southwest Georgia Confederate Memorial Service has been hosted by the Albany Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Camp 141 Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson in conjunction with the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) each April since 1988. In 1999 and 2000 a Confederate Memorial Park was constructed on Hwy.91 Philema Road 1/2 mile past Chehaw Park on the Dougherty-Lee county line and memorial services have been held that this location each year thereafter.

This year the event will be held on Saturday April 5. The event will begin at 9AM and the Lee County based Band "A Joyful Noise" will play and sing Confederate and Southern Gospel music for an hour until 10AM. Following the musical performance a formal memorial service will begin with pledges and salutes to the flags followed by the singing of the Southern National Anthem " DIXIE ". Then a proclamation explaining the significance of Confederate History and Heritage Month will be read followed by the Charge given to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and People of the South by former Confederate General S.D. Lee in 1906 at the SCV National Reunion.

The primary speaker will be Ray McBerry who was twice a Republican candidate for Governor of Georgia running on a States' Rights' platform. The event will be concluded by the laying of flowers in memory of the soldiers of each Confederate state in the order that secession occurred and a wreath placed by the UDC in memory of all Confederate Veterans. The event will be concluded with volleys fired by Reenactors in Confederate uniform and the playing of Taps.

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to bring children, teenagers, and young adults. Attending SCV and UDC events is an excellent way to teach young people the truth and facts about their Southern-Confederate heritage, history, and culture especially since it is not being taught to any extent in schools and that which is taught is a highly biased Northern perspective written by Northern historians.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans organization is organized on a national level and divided into divisions by state with the local units being called camps. Currently there are over 30,000 members primarily in the Southern states with Georgia being the largest division. However some camps are located in Western and Northern states and in Europe . All descendants of Confederate Veterans are elgible and encouraged to join SCV or UDC. We offer free family tree research and documentation of Confederate ancestors.

The SCV has three primary goals: 1. To preserve the memory of Confederate Veterans 2. To preserve Confederate graves, monuments, memorials, flags, and mementos 3. To see that Southern-Confederate history is presented in a fair and impartial manner.

You are encouraged to join us Saturday morning on April 5 at 9AM. For more information contact Albany SCV Camp Commander James W. King at 229-854-1944 or jkingantiquearms@bellsouth.net

16076 ---Forrest And Not The KKK --- Released: 20 days Ago. ---- 2014-04-01 12:29:22 -0400
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Forrest and NOT the KKK

There is ample documentation and testimony that six ex-veterans, NOT including Nathan Bedford Forrest, began the Ku Klux Klan. Forrest was not even aware of the group’s beginnings.

Study of the KKK in the 1800’s of America shows that there is NO corroborating evidence that N. B. Forrest was ever a leader of the Klan NOR that he was ever even a member. None.

In addition, an 1871 United States Congressional Investigation completely exonerates Forrest and it was determined in the investigation that Forrest was not a leader of the KKK nor had ever been a leader, and additionally, that he was not ever a member of the Klan.

The outcome of the 1871 investigation was twofold. The committee found no evidence that Forrest had participated in the formation of the Klan and that even the use of his name may well have been without his permission. They also found that there was no credible evidence that Forrest had ever participated in or directed any actions of the Klan.

“The reports of Committees, House of Representatives, second session, forty-second congress,” P. 7-449.

Congressional records show that Gen. Forrest was absolved of all complicity in the founding or operation of the Ku Klux Klan, and he was certainly never a “Grand Wizard”. These committees had the utmost evidence and living witnesses at their disposal. The evidence precluded any Guilt or indictment of Gen. Forrest and the matter was closed before that body of final judgment in 1872. New York Times newspaper. Library of Congress

On The Web:   http://shnv.blogspot.com/2014/03/forrest-and-not-kkk.html


16075 ---Lincoln's Leftist Associates, Pt 2 --- Released: 20 days Ago. ---- 2014-04-01 12:17:45 -0400
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Lincoln’s Leftist Associates–Part Two

Posted on March 27, 2014   
by Al Benson Jr.

In 2009 Adam Max Tuchinsky, associate professor at the University of Southern Maine, wrote an informative book called Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune: Civil War Era Socialism and the Crisis of Free Labor. Tuchinsky noted that Greeley’s paper had, among its contributors, Charles Dana, Albert Brisbane, George Ripley, and the ever-present Karl Marx–all socialists.  It seems that the leftist intelligentsia in this country all had a working relationship with “Friend Greeley.” I never read any of this in my public school “history” books. Did anyone else?

Dana eventually went to Europe, where he could witness the convulsions caused by the 1848 socialist revolts firsthand. He felt those revolts were a “historical turning point.” Unfortunately, he was correct, more correct than even he could know. While in Europe, Dana spent time scrounging around for “alternative strains of socialist thought” and ended up in Cologne. At this juncture, a friend of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ferdinand Freiligrath, worked for a leftist periodical whose editor had lately co-authored a pamphlet called Das Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei. One of its co-authors, the editor, was a deadbeat hack of a writer whose name did not even appear on the first edition–because the ideas in it were not totally his. He was hired by a group called The League of the Just to author the pamphlet and its content was more theirs than his.

And so socialist Charles Dana met socialist Karl Marx. Socialist Carl Schurz had once met Marx and in our book Lincoln’s Marxists, Walter Kennedy and I commented on that. We noted that, according to Carl Schurz, Karl Marx had an ego as big as the plant Pluto and was constantly berating and insulting those that dared to disagree with his exalted pronouncements. So typical for those on the left! They love it when you totally agree with them, but dare to disagree with them on anything and you become chopped liver in their estimation. Somehow, in spite of all the leftist vitriol, Marx and Dana seemed to hit it off. So much so that Dana got Marx probably the only real job he ever had in his life as a columnist for Horace Greeley’s left-leaning paper.

By the time Lincoln and Greeley both left Congress in 1849, Lincoln had developed a close circle of friends which eventually included a batch of the socialist Forty-eighters, and they were working at turning the states of Missouri, Wisconsin, and Illinois into seething points of agitation. So what we had, in effect, was almost constant socialist agitation in the upper Midwest in the very late 1840s and 1850s. Again, did you ever see any of this in your “history” books in public school? I never did. This is all “memory hole” material we are never supposed to be aware of. Oh, I recall reading about the Kansas-Missouri problems, but that was mostly blamed on Southerners. No mention of Lincoln’s socialist friends stirring the pot at all. In fact, I often wonder how much of this kind of history appears even in home school history studies. I saw very little when we were home schooling our kids, and I’ve seen several history books from Christian schools and none of this was mentioned in any of them. Why not? Wouldn’t our young folks have a much better grasp of our real history if this aspect of it were noted in their history books? Maybe that’s why it’s not there.

John Nichols, in his article in the International Socialist Review has noted, quite accurately, that: “While studies of Lincoln place appropriate focus on his domestic engagements, there has been far too little attention paid to his global interests, especially during the period ‘in the wilderness’ between the end of his congressional term and his return to the political stage. Yet there can be no doubt that the future president was conscious of and highly engaged with developments in foreign lands–thanks no doubt to his close reading of the Tribune…Lincoln invoked the struggles of the European revolutionaries and denounced ‘oppression in any of its forms…’” The invader and destroyer of the South denounces oppression–how touching!

As he got ready for the presidential race in 1860 (he was hardly a reluctant candidate) Lincoln took the time and trouble to align himself with those whose position is “…that labor is the superior–greatly the superior–of capital.” That’s part of the old Marxist line and it comes off sounding somewhat hypocritical from the man who was a lobbyist for the Illinois Central Railroad. You don’t get much more “capitalist” than the railroad people. And Thomas DiLorenzo, in his excellent and informative book The Real Lincoln noted that “…Lincoln was a devoted protectionist over his entire political career. He and other Whigs took this position because it created a stream of economic benefits for a wealthy and powerful constituency group…Having the government dispense special privileges to the wealthy and influential was always the core of the Whig political program to which Lincoln devoted his political career.”  Sounds like the sainted Mr. Lincoln was only opposed to capitalism and capital if they were Southern. He didn’t seem to have all that much problem with Northern capitalism–in fact he profited from it. Interesting that the socialist and communists that fled the failed 1848 socialist revolts in Europe, when they came to this country, ended up joining or allying themselves with the Republican Party–the party of corporate fascism and big government. And they did this because they knew that the party of big government would help them get what they wanted–power and control. The supposed leftist concern for the “poor and oppressed” is nothing more than a self-serving sham.

To be continued.

On The Web:   http://revisedhistory.wordpress.com/2014/03/27/lincolns-leftist-associates-part-two/


16074 ---Lincoln's Leftist Associates, Pt 1 --- Released: 20 days Ago. ---- 2014-04-01 12:06:32 -0400
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Lincoln’s Leftist Associates—Part One

Posted on March 25, 2014   
By Al Benson Jr.

The more you look at Abraham Lincoln the more his socialist proclivities jump out at you from whatever printed page you happen to be browsing. Once you have begun to grasp the fact of his socialist worldview then you can see things in reading about him that you just never noticed before.

I’ve seen articles that referred to radical Tom Paine, the supporter and promoter of the terrorist French Revolution, as “Lincoln’s hero.” If you have done any reading about Tom Paine and his views, that one statement should tell you something about Lincoln.

Awhile back, John Nichols, who writes for the Nation, did an article for the International Socialist Review which was entitled Reading Karl Marx with Abraham Lincoln–Utopian socialists, German communists, and other republicans. Very interesting title, and so very on target. The socialists don’t deny their involvement with Lincoln, they parade it right down Main Street, partly because they feel that decades of public “education” have rendered most Americans too dumb to realize what they are saying, and partly because they are just downright proud that Lincoln was among their number, whether he ever joined any socialist party or not (he didn’t, that we know of at this point). However, the mindset was there, which shows that socialism and communism in this country were a serious problem already by the middle of the 1800s.

Nichols noted Lincoln’s close association with Horace Greeley, who was a Utopian socialist. They served together in Congress, each for one term and Lincoln referred to Greeley as “Friend Greeley.” Greeley’s newspaper the New York Tribune, was probably the country’s most influential newspaper in the middle years of the 19th century. Greeley’s left-leaning thinking reflected that of Lincoln, when, in an address to Congress he stated that: “our idea is that labor needs not to combat but to command Capital.” A little of the “class struggle” technique there? Nichols also noted that Lincoln’s “involvement” wasn’t just with Horace Greeley, but also with “his sub-editors and writers, so much so that the first Republican president appointed one of Greeley’s most radical lieutenants—the Fourier-and Proudhon-inspired socialist and longtime editor of Marx’s European correspondence, Charles Dana—as his assistant secretary of war.” Dana was right under Edwin Stanton, another dictatorial soul. And it was Dana who hired Karl Marx to write for Greeley’s paper. So you’ve got all these socialists—Greeley, Lincoln, Dana, and Marx pushing and promoting one another in order to further their agenda. Greeley also made Albert Brisbane, another socialist, who had spent time in France during the 1820s, a columnist. Nichols said of Brisbane that, after his time in France, he returned to the United States “to spread the socialist gospel.” Marx and Brisbane were so radical that Greeley’s paper actually received criticism for spreading leftist views. That didn’t seem to bother Greeley. Nichols noted that “In the mid-1840s, explains historian Roy Marvin Robbins, ‘Greeley preached a new order of society with Brisbane’s socialist ideas as its basis.” Almost sounds as if he promoted a 19th century version of the New World Order. Could it be that when George Bush promoted the New World Order back in the early 1990s that he was really only referring to the second installment of it and that we had already been introduced to the first installment way back in the late 1840s?

Something the “history” books almost never even mention of refer to is the fact that Lincoln was a keen follower of everything that was going on in Europe in the 1840s. He was well aware of what was going on there in 1848—and he was all for it. The European situation was not a new thing for Lincoln. Even before 1848, some German radicals has started showing up in Illinois, Wisconsin, parts of Ohio and New York. One such was Gustav Koerner, a student revolutionary from the University of Munich.

Socialist revolutionary Koerner formed an alliance with Lincoln, which resulted in Koerner being one of seven person delegates-at-large who were named by Lincoln to serve at the Republican State Convention in May of 1860. This was the event that got Lincoln into the presidential race that year. Nichols stated in his article that: “Through Ko(e)rner, Lincoln met and befriended many of the German radicals who, after the failure of the 1848 revolution, fled to Illinois and neighboring Wisconsin. Along with Korner on Lincoln’s list of personal delegates-at-large to the 1860 convention was Friedrich Karl Franz Hecker,…” If you happen to have a copy of Walter Kennedy’s and my book Lincoln’s Marxists you can look up Comrade Hecker in it. Check him out on pages 172-174 if you have the book. Hecker was one of Lincoln’s socialist generals. He got a commission from Lincoln.

Another of Lincoln’s staunchest supporters was Karl Marx’s close associate, Joseph Weydemeyer. Weydemeyer continued to be in close touch with Karl Marx while allying himself with the new Republican Party and Lincoln’s presidential campaign. Part of the result of this was that Weydemeyer’s help to Lincoln’s efforts got him appointed to the staff of General John C. Fremont, yet another American left-leaning radical, as a technical aide.

Lincoln did much more than to simply request that the Forty-eighters enlist to help him. He became involved with their causes. One writer stated that “Lincoln was paying attention to those revolutionaries. While in Springfield, Illinois he sought to gain support for various leftist revolutionary movements in Europe. He was particularly interested at that time in the revolt of Lajos Kossuth in Hungary.

The point to this is that Lincoln was not just an armchair supporter of socialist and communist revolts in Europe. He knew many of those involved. He knew what they were all about, and not from a distance but from personal contact in many cases and he supported their efforts to create a new social(ist) order in Europe, one that would centralize everything in the hands of the leftists, all in the name of the “people.” When it didn’t work over there he gave them another shot at it here. Guess what? It worked here and as you can tell from what inhabits Washington, D.C. today, it’s still working.

To be continued.

On The Web:   http://revisedhistory.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/lincolns-leftist-associates-part-one/


16073 ---Sidewalks On Graves? --- Released: 20 days Ago. ---- 2014-04-01 11:51:04 -0400
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Sidewalks on graves of children and Confederate dead? Over these dead bodies
John Archibald
March 30, 2014

Don't blame Kenny Brown if he feels a little protective of the old Union Hill Cemetery off Hollywood Boulevard.

That's what he's been for three decades. Its protector.

Like when he saw those two people naked and unashamed, doing that thing naked people do on the ground where five generations of his family are buried.

"I asked the dumbest question ever asked," he said. "What are y'all doing?"


They stopped a second or two, panting a mind-your-own-business warning. But they didn't stop. So Brown called the cops.

"I ain't no prude or nothing, but they're doing it on top of my Aunt Bertie!"

Oh, the stories a cemetery tells.

It's not just folks in compromising positions that cause problems. Brown busted up a drug deal on cemetery land long ago, and tells of chasing away cauldron-toting witches.

"We are honor-bound to do this," he said. "We have to be here."

He and other members of the Families and Friends of Union Hill Cemetery have seen too much, really. They've seen family members' bodies dug up all around the cemetery to make way for buildings and roads and the rush of progress.

So they're worried now. Tentative plans involving Homewood, Mountain Brook and the Alabama Department of Transportation would add a pedestrian bridge over U.S. 280 on Hollywood Boulevard. Such a plan would require sidewalks that would – as families of the dead figure it – interfere with graves of at least six and as many as 17 people.

The cemetery is technically in Birmingham, but it sits where Homewood and Mountain Brook come together. Runners, who have pushed for the bridge and sidewalks, argue that the current bridge is a pedestrian hazard, that there should be sidewalks for safety and convenience. And they are of course right. Running across the Hollywood Boulevard bridge now is like breaking through Checkpoint Charlie.

But there can be a need for sidewalks. And a respect for the dead.

Betty Anne Jones believes at least three of her family members, including two infant sons of her great grandfather, are buried in the right of way and face "the ultimate insult" of being paved over. Homewood has assured family members it doesn't want to do that, and she believes the city is sincere.

But there have been so many wrongs done to these families.

Birmingham once sought to condemn the cemetery as vacant just to sell the property. Bodies were dug up to build 280, and again for nearby buildings. They were replanted, sometimes haphazardly, in Union Hill.

This is a cemetery that predates the Civil War. It is the final home to 27 Civil War vets, to the people, as Jones puts it "who settled this valley."

So yes, Union Hill needs people like Brown to protest the inappropriate acts. It needs people to say what are you doing even when the naked prospect of progress seems so ... appealing.

There is, it appears, time to sort out the issues.

Alabama Historical Commission Historic Preservation Director Lee Anne Wofford said a plan such as this will require that historic or environmental issues be addressed. It's not far enough along for those things to be considered.

And ALDOT director John Cooper wrote to Brown, assuring him regulations about honoring gravesites will not be overlooked.

"Requiring these sidewalks does not ignore any potential issues that may conflict," Cooper wrote. "On the contrary, any graves that would be impacted by the construction of sidewalks must be properly addressed in accordance with all current regulations."

We can have sidewalks and still honor the dead. Surely there is room for both.

If only for the sake of history. And Karma.

"I wouldn't go out and run on their graves," Brown said. "Why would they want to run on mine?"

These souls have been bothered enough.

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16070 ---ACLU Aids Suspended Teen --- Released: 20 days Ago. ---- 2014-04-01 09:42:53 -0400
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ACLU Comes To Aid Of New Jersey Teen Suspended For Flying Confederate Flag

March 28, 2014

NEW JERSEY (CBSNewYork) – The American Civil Liberties Union has stepped in to defend a New Jersey teenager who was suspended from school for refusing to remove a confederate flag that flew atop his car.

Edward Barocas, legal director for the ACLU in New Jersey cites specific case-law from the third circuit court of appeals, in which New Jersey students were allowed to wear T-shirts with confederate flags, provided a disruption was not created, WCBS 880's Jim Smith reported.

In this case, Barocas says “the school would be hard pressed to argue that this will cause a substantial disruption.”

That’s because the 17-year-old flew the flag on his truck for weeks without incident.

He was only suspended after refusing the vice principal’s demand to remove it, Smith reported.

Barocas says the First Amendment still applies even in school parking lots.

“It protects those whose speech is offensive or makes others uncomfortable,” Barocas said.

He sent a letter to the school calling for the flag to be allowed.

School officials were not available for comment.

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16069 ---Flag Flap At Steinert High --- Released: 20 days Ago. ---- 2014-04-01 09:27:21 -0400
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Confederate flag flown on student's pickup truck causes flap at Steinert High School

Originally published: March 27, 2014

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP - The Confederate flag is at the center of a controversy that's pitting a high school senior against his principal, and now the American Civil Liberties Union is getting involved.

Gregory Vied, 17, says he was suspended for flying the flag on his pickup truck, which was parked in the student lot at Steinert High School in Hamilton Township.

Vied says he knows the banner, which includes a representation of the confederate flag that flies on the back of his pickup, stirs strong emotions among those who view it as a symbol of oppression and hate.

But he says he sees it only as a mark of southern pride and a connection to relatives who hail from the south.

Vied says he wouldn't take the flag down just because someone said it offended them, but he would understand where they're coming from.

The student says he was suspended Tuesday after repeated warnings from the vice principal to take the flag down. Vied says he was told there had been complaints, but he refused to remove the flag.

"Them trying to make me take it down, is unconstitutional," Vied says.
The American Civil Liberties Union says the student's right to freedom of expression cannot be taken away, even if other students or teachers complain.

"As the U.S. Supreme Court has made clear, students' rights don't end at the school house gates," says ACLU Legal Director Ed Barocas. "It also doesn't end in the school parking lot."

The organization wrote a letter to the principal, pointing to case law that says school officials would have to prove the banned speech would  "materially and substantially" disrupt operations.

Several of Vied's friends have been showing their support, coming to school with confederate flags on their cars and trucks. So far, none of them have been suspended.

Vied says he's looking out for others who choose to express themselves. "I just want him not to do this to anybody else. Because you can't just trample on somebody's first amendment rights, or any of their rights."

Vied's three-day suspension was cut to one day the same day the ACLU sent its letter to the principal.

The superintendent of schools, citing student privacy, has refused to comment on the matter.

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16060 ---SCV: Georgia Radio Campaign --- Released: 24 days Ago. ---- 2014-03-28 14:05:49 -0400
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Sons of Confederate Veterans   
March 27, 2014    

(ATLANTA - March 27, 2014)  The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans announced today a statewide radio campaign for 2014 featuring 60 second radio commercials.  Each of the commercials highlights a different event or prominent person of the War for Southern Independence from the year 1864 as part of the ongoing Sesquicentennial commemoration of the War; and all of them tell the story from the Southern view, focusing on an accurate historical portrayal of events of the time instead of the recent historical revisionism currently portrayed by so much of the news and entertainment industries today.

Division officials revealed today that the spots are running on a variety of radio stations across Georgia which blanket approximately 90 percent of the state geographically.  The predominant genres of the stations selected for inclusion in the first quarter buy are country music and conservative talk radio.  The Georgia Division has already earmarked funds for continuing the statewide radio campaign throughout the 2014 calendar year. 

Exactly 150 years ago, Georgia was one of the primary focuses of the War during Sherman's infamous "March to the Sea."  Many of the radio commercials produced for this radio campaign feature the heroic stand of Southern soldiers defending Atlanta and the rest of Georgia, as well as stories of such well-known events as Andersonville's POW camp.  The historical segments are sure to be controversial to some as they provide historical facts which have been intentionally obfuscated in recent years.   Additionally, the war crimes of William Tecumseh Sherman's army are brought to light, reminding native Georgians and newcomers alike of the atrocities committed by federal troops as they invaded Georgia, committing rape, murder, and pillage among the civilian population.

The first eleven commercials of this statewide campaign are available for listening or download HERE
For more information, please call 404.271.8473 or contact the Georgia Division SCV online at www.GeorgiaSCV.org