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Dealer Information

Dixie Outfitters - How To Become A Dealer

     There are three (3) levels to choose from if you would like to sell Dixie Outfitters/Dixie Girls Trademark products. Please call customer service at 1-866-916-5866 with further questions, or email our licensing director at Joann@barberandcompany.com.

Pre-Printed Level

Requirements Advantages:
  • Must have state tax ID.
  • Must order a dozen, minimum preprints.
  • Promotes Southern Heritage.
  • Adds name brand merchandise to existing products.
  • May buy our pre-printed products

Authorized Dealer Level

Requirements Advantages:
  • A $200.00 year contract fee.
  • Must have state tax resale ID.
  • Must follow contract specifications.
  • Superior inventory control.
  • May purchase licensed transfers.
  • Product pricing advantages.

Franchisee Level

Requirements Advantages:
  • Retail location with minimum 800 square ft. of showroom floor.
  • Financial stability.
  • Must have approved location.
  • $1,000.00 franchise fee/year.
  • May set up internet sales.
  • Listed/promoted on dixieoutfitters.com
  • Receives Dixie Outfitters no competition exclusive territory assignment.
  • Receives 20% pricing discounts on transfers.
  • Store name "Dixie Outfitters Southern Heritage Store" provides brand name recognition.
  • Free shipping from key suppliers
  • Quantity pricing levels on all Dixie Outfitters products